From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse - January 7, 1889

 From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

January 7, 1889

Dear little ball of the heavenly and divine Child, I am thinking only of you, I am offering up all for you.... This morning, bitter tears. This evening, I don't understand the feeling of exile that placed my heart in suffering. I was very wrong to criticize the ad­vice of your mistress, and I am sorry; Our Mother did well to scold me, for I deserved it. This did me some good. .. . We need to be humbled from time to time; yes, this is necessary.

Dear little sister, your date of the 9th! ah! I understood all before reading your note.

But don't say that you are in darkness; it seems this way to you, but eternal light is shining on you.... Without it, would you have these sentiments? No.... You fill my heart with joy; I would really cry with joy when seeing that my little daughter, the dearest, holds nothing back in her holocaust. . . . She is saying just like the Spouse in the Canticles: "Come, my Beloved, let us go down into our garden; it is time to taste my fruits. I have reserved the best and the most beautiful for you. . . . " And the Beloved runs over the hills; He is coming; He is here; only two days more! .

"Dear garden of my little fiancée," He says from a distance, "always be the garden enclosed, open only to me; I am the sun of your flowers. My divine eyes will cast such a ray of flame upon your budding fruits that they will ripen in one instant; my mouth will open to sing melodious words to you... all of nature's con­certs will not be even a faint echo of my song. Come, my friend, my sister, my dove, open to me, for my head is covered with dew, the moisture of the night, that is, the sins of men, has flooded my beautiful face. Come, open to me. You will henceforth be the lit­tle Veronica of my choice. 1 am cold, I weep, but when I look at you, oh, my garden enclosed, there are no more tears for me, for I see in your hands the white veil of virginity.... Bring it close to my divine Face, and I will imprint my Face on it forever."


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