From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse. (Fragments.) - January 8, 1889

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse. (Fragments. )

January 8, 1889

Dear child,

the hour is approaching! Although Jesus is saying nothing to you, He is acting at the bottom of your heart, and this is worth more than all consolations. See how this suffering is bringing you close to Him; see how you feel freed from all attach­ment. It is the divine silence that works these marvels.

Really pray for Papa. He was really good today but tired out. This is the time. . .Jesus will refuse you nothing on the day of your espousals; ah! ask Him to have pity on us. Papa is so good; it's enough to make you cry....

I am very eager to see my dear little hermit again. I will help her on Thursday to put on her white dress. . . the martyr's dress, for it will have to be dyed in the blood of sacrifice, blood from your heart.

Ah! my darling, really, on Thursday morning, you will be able to sing like St. Agnes: "It is Jesus, whom I love; I have sucked from His mouth milk and honey, and His Blood stains my cheeks. . . . "

Meditate on this mystery. . . . Formerly, you were sucking from the mouth of Jesus the milk and honey of His love, but today His Blood stains your cheeks....

Adieu, second little Lamb; rejoice in your lot!. . . In heaven, the honey and the milk will be restored to you. . . also your white dress and your crown of lilies, an immortal dress, an imperishable crown!. . .

I will give you tomorrow what you are asking me. . . . Some of the Responses of St. Agnes are suitable but not all. I will wake you up.. pray that Jesus make me a saint, I am far from it.


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