From P. Pichon to Thérèse - January 10, 1889

From P. Pichon to Thérèse.

January 10, 1889

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January 10, '89

My very happy Child in Jesus Christ,

It is today, then. My whole heart is at Lisieux, in the blessed sanctuary where Jesus is clothing you in the livery of His spouses. Your espousals fill me with joy. You have been prepared for them by the Cross, and I find you very much privileged. Meditate on these words of St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi: "God takes greater pleasure here below in the soul transformed by sorrow than in the soul transformed by love."

Presently, I am going to ascend the holy altar and offer the adorable Victim for you. Better still, I am going to unite you to the divine Holocaust in order to consecrate you to God.

Do not complain about my absence. No one is more present than I at the Carmel of my much-loved children.

Enjoy your happiness. I envy your "tête-à-tête" with Jesus. I myself am in the mêlée, battling against all the demons of hell. These past days, in the course of a mission, I did not leave the confessional until between eleven and midnight. Long live Jesus! How good it is to vow oneself to Him, to sacrifice oneself for His love. I want this joy to be all yours and all mine.

May the Sacred Heart of the Master tell you and repeat to you all that my heart says to you. In eternity, we shall make up for this ugly Canada.

My most tender and holy blessings to my happy Benjamin on this day of eternal memory.

Almire Pichon



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