From Marie of the Angels to Thérèse - January 6-9, 1889 (?)


From Marie of the Angels to Thérèse.

January 6-9, 1889 (?)


+ J.M.J.T ! Jesus

My dear little Benjamin,

I think much about you, and your note comes again to console both my heart and my soul! Rejoice in your lot; it is well prepared by the Beloved Himself of your heart! Bless him for the ardent desires He is giving you to love Him and gain souls for Him. What does it matter if your heart is little, provided your desires are very great! Desire, desire again and always to love Him whom you will never love enough. Your aridity, your sufferings, these are something to offer Jesus both for Himself and for souls! You know very well, there are little flowers which don't always have to be touched by the rays of the sun; for them to develop to their plenitude, they need more shade than sun. Well, then, if Jesus wills that you be one of these flowers, what does it matter, as long as in the eyes of heaven you were blooming with all the splendor that the divine Gardener had given your soul in treating it in the way that He knows is suitable for it! See you soon,' darling little child. I am extending to you in advance both my heart and my arms.

Sister Marie of the Angels


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