From Marie of the Angels to Thérèse - January 10, 1889

From Marie of the Angels to Thérèse.

January 10, 1889

J.M.J.T ! Jesus!

My dear little Child,

Souvenir of the day, the object of all her desires and her most ardent aspirations!. . .

May the Divine Child recall to her mind that when, on January 10, 1889, she entered the cloister and the Cross was presented to her to be kissed, it was He Himself, this gentle little Brother Jesus,

who was presenting it to her, carried in the arms of His Immac­ulate Mother.

May good little Jesus be forever the Jesus of little Thérèse, and may little Sister Thérèse be truly Thérèse of the Child Jesus.

During this octave of the Kings, He espoused her to Himself in order to make her soon the Queen of His most tender love. Be happy, then, very happy for long years in Carmel, dear little child. Share in the kingship of Jesus. His kingdom will become yours, His crown awaits you, refuse Him nothing. The kingdom of Jesus is not of this world, and yours will not be either. Aid Jesus in extending His divine kingdom in souls; save them by your sacri­fices, by your generosity. Work for heaven. Jesus will count all you do for Him, and nothing will escape His loving and constant gaze!

On the night of this beautiful day, I bless you and give you before you fall asleep, His sweetest and most tender kiss.

Your little Sister, who loves you most tenderly.

Sister Marie of the Angels of S.C.



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