From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Thérèse - January 7 (?), 1889

From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Thérèse.

January 7 (?), 1889    

+ J.M.J.T.

My dear tristotin is really hidden in the heart of the Child Jesus, and I would prefer that the Christmas divine Child put joy into the soul of His Benjamin. However, if His holy and divine will is to leave my dear little soul in this mysterious sadness, I will bless His will just the same; and this, especially if the Divine Child of Bethlehem grants my child spiritual consolations on the day of

her espousals. You will have to rejoice in the alliance contracted with a privileged love and not be thinking of the day that is past which was the day desired. . . . Alas! darling child, Jesus will not ask His privileged Spouse: "Were you clothed in the livery of my Mother on November 25 or January 10?" But He will ask her soul, united to His love: "Did you understand my Heart, which chose you to form only one heart with Me?..." The month is a matter of indifference, but the sacrifice, but the immolation of our most cherished desires, but the giving of our entire self. . .ah! that is what will give joy to the Heart of the Beloved.... Spoiled child, think only of the great honor that Jesus is giving us, and let us give Him all the blood of our heart. I bless you from the bottom of this heart which is all yours!. . .


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