From Father Pichon to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - 1889 1890.

From Father Pichon to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 1889‑1890.

Adore the Good Saviour’s cross. It is the cross that Jesus wanted out of all eternity, that he chose out of so many others, and that he has planted in her hearts. ‘O dear Cross!’ we shall exclaim in Heaven. Let’s give a prelude even here below!

Many battles are needed to conclude a campaign and it is by way of a hundred defeats that we arrive at the decisive victory. To wage war relentlessly; that is the role of the brave! The higher the price of the triumph, the sweeter it is.

I warmly congratulate you for feeling your heart is full of Jesus in his presence. There are so many hearts for whom Jesus does not suffice!

Something inside me roars like the lion in the desert when you threaten to withdraw your letters, and make them rarer. Is it possible that you actually listen to such suggestions from the enemy?

Offer everything, even the Bon Pasteur (he undoubtedly meant the “Bon Sauveur”, the Hospital in Caen) to redeem souls.

Take care of your Céline, (…)