From Mother Agnes of Jesus to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 3, 1905

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 3, 1905



Jesus+                                                                      Carmel of Lisieux 3rd October 1905

Beloved little sister,

It will be 8 years ago tomorrow that you led darling Thérèse to her last resting place on behalf of the whole family. I was thinking this earlier this evening as we ate, and it was such a lovely thought! Ah, my darling, our “unpetalled rose” did indeed owe you the sweetest of perfumes, and so, leaving you a trail of her heavenly perfume, she soon guided you to the Spouse of Virgins; to the Visitation where you would spend your exile. And since then, what a lot of blessings your soul has received, detaching it from earth! Little sister, don’t worry about not having been understood by the retreat preacher. How many times Thérèse faced the same difficulty! As long as your dear Mothers understand you, and, more importantly, as long as Jesus approves of your path (and your Mother Superiors’ approval is a sign that He does) then Jesus’ little rag (1) will continue performing her function on earth, before later changing into a rose of love in eternity, like Thérèse. “Later,” darling sister, does not mean “in a long time”. I don’t think you have long to live, it’s true. This thought occurs to me very often.

In the meantime, serve Our Lord faithfully. May your little rag make its way through the Monastery doing good wherever it goes, fulfilling its new duty. And Jesus will smile. He’ll be pleased and, many times, He’ll pick up His little rag and bind poor sinners’ wounds with it.

He’ll use it above all when the little rag has endured a great deal of suffering. Jesus doesn’t need an ironed, well-folded little rag, no; on the contrary, He needs it to be wrinkled, so that it doesn’t look like anything anybody might want.

Goodbye, beloved little sister. Remember me to your saintly Mothers.

Your little sister and mother

Sr Agnes of Jesus


To think of the scene with the mugs marked with the Holy Name of Jesus! You certainly know how to play a good trick! I did laugh, but I’d prefer to wait until I receive the mugs (which our uncle isn’t even asking to give me). I’d be afraid, given the current events, to be obliged to wrap them up soon. Yet don’t worry, nobody tells us anything. Is it the same for you?

(1) nickname and function that Léonie assigned herself.