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From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – May 21, 1918

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – May 21, 1918

+ Jesus                                                                                              Pentecost Tuesday 1918

Darling little sister,

You know that Our Mother and I wrote to you 12 days before Pentecost. Why is it you are so greedy? I was waiting for a note from you before writing. It appears you were doing the same. Sr. Joseph told me that Sr. Françoise-Thérèse said that “Marie had promised to write to her!”

And to think that I was only informed of Sr. Joseph going to Caen when she was already on the train! It was just too much. Do you think I would have let her leave without scribbling you a few lines? Well, that’s enough complaining. Apparently you are a little better; we’re very pleased to hear it. Poor little sister, living on this poor earth is not very merry, is it? What news do I have for you? – There are a huge number of pilgrims at our little Thérèse’s grave, you can’t get close apparently. The day before yesterday, an admiral asked to speak with us in the visiting room. His chest was covered with medals. He had come expressly to Lisieux on pilgrimage.

The Lord amply shows us what power a soul who loves him and depends on him for everything can exert on his Heart. Did our little sister do extraordinary things during her life? No, she lived hidden away, unknown to everyone. Who could have predicted that she would have such a blessed influence on so many hearts!

We saw Jeanne today. Mrs. Maudelonde is seriouly ill. She can still get out and about but she always needs someone with her, because she sometimes suddenly experiences dizzy spells and falls limp. “Death is the end for all men and their lives are over in a moment, like a shadow!”

Darling little sister, what have we done to God for him to take us into his house and be His alone?... Nothing! That is the mystery of predestination. He has loved us more than others because it pleased him to do so, without us having deserved it at all.

Farewell little sister. Let’s begin singing the mercies of the Lord right away.

Your eldest sister who loves you tenderly.

                                                                                         Sr. Marie of the S. Heart

                                                                                                 u. c. n.

Our Mother has advised us not to copy the enclosed letter.