From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - July 7, 1897.

From ster Geneviève to Brother Siméon - July 7, 1897.

ear Brother Siméon,

It is with a broken soul that I write you these lines. Our dear little sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus is dying. Her soul is already no longer being held by the earth, she is leaving gently and joyfully for the homeland. Her sickness is love… She is doing nothing other than Dying of Love, just as she dearly yearned to do. Some congestion in her right lung formed a lesion, yet it wasn’t serious enough that the doctor didn’t hope to cure her, until her weakness came and changed the situation. Her body is following her soul… She can no longer breathe the air on this earth or take any of the food that sustains our poor lives.

Very dear Brother, forgive me if I say no more about this. God is granting me the grace not to weep, but my soul is broken… She was the one I loved, and the one who loved me!...

If it was possible, we would be very pleased to have the Holy Father’s blessing. Since he blessed her in the morning of her life, it is right that he should come again, because it is now the evening. I don’t think that this request can be realised, but couldn’t we remind the Holy Father of the little 15 year old French girl who participated in the 1887 pilgrimage from Coutances and Bayeux, which was one of the first pilgrimages to take place in honour of the Pontifical jubilee? He might remember her request to join the Carmel at the age of 15 and his paternal and almost affirmative answer.

Very dear and Revered Brother, a thousand times forgive me, and thank you… From up above, my dear little Thérèse will remember Brother Siméon and in turn obtain gentle blessings for him.

Our Mother recommends herself to your prayers as does the much aggrieved Community. She thanks you for your last parcels, which brought us great pleasure.

And I, very Dear Brother, remain your tiny little Sister and very respectful friend.

Geneviève of St Teresa u.c.n.

God has granted me the sweet consolation of being her nurse.

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