From Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - May 13, 1900

From Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Sr Françoise-Thérèse - May 13, 1900


Beloved little sister,

Must I write to the fortunate little Visitandine again? But of course, to congratulate her on her happiness. Yesterday we received a telegram announcing joyful news! And today there was your little letter. Do thank your good Mother for thinking to send us this heavenly news so soon.

We’ve placed the telegram in front of the photograph of our Thérèse, at the foot of the Bl. Virgin you know so well, before which our darling mother prayed so many times, and before which we would say our evening prayer together. It is there that we go to say the novenas requested of us to Sr. Th. of the Child Jesus. It’s also there that we go to thank her. And is she not the one to whom we owe the grace of perseverance; is she not the one who led you to the door you’ve been longing to reach!

Moreover, when he sent us the telegram, Uncle added this little note:


"Blessed be God a hundred thousand times. He has taken my whole family for Himself. We shall see one another again in Heaven…

I do believe that St. Elise, St. Azelie, St. Louis and St. Celine have had a hand in Léonie’s affairs.”

You can guess who he’s talking about: our aunt from Le Mans, Mama, Papa, and our aunt who has just flown away to heaven. He doesn’t mention Thérèse because she is no doubt the one who did most of the work.

On Wednesday our English postulant is taking the Holy Habit, on the 22nd it’s Sr. Madeleine’s Taking of the Veil. Our poor Béatrix went back to her family. Our Mother thought it wise to let her go back to her Mother; do pray for the poor little thing.

We’ll be in touch soon, darling little sister, let’s vie with one another in generosity for our Spouse, for He showers us with so many select graces!

Your little Sister M. of the S. Heart u.c.n.

Fr. Pichon is coming next month to Paray-le-Monial with all his Canadians on pilgrimage. I think we’ll see him.