From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – March 30, 1910

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – March 30, 1910


(It is I, little sister, who will continue our poor little Mother’s letter, for she was interrupted and couldn’t finish it) [Cf letter from Mother Agnes to Sr Françoise Thérèse of 30 March 1910]

of the Society of Jesus, the first exorcist in France, and the one to succeed Fr. de Haza, has seen some really curious and marvelous things. The revelations that the demon makes are wholly to his disadvantage because the priest makes such good use of them that he’s a true saint. One day the old devil began to talk to him about “Little Thérèse” as he calls her.

At the beginning of the exorcism, he shouted at the priest as follows: “Ah, your little Thérèse! Your little Thérèse! Mother Agnès didn’t know what she was doing when she gave her to you (the holy friar had asked Our Mother to assign her to him as spiritual sister). Now she follows you everywhere! Yes, you’re receiving help from her!” The priest replied: “It’s not little Thérèse helping me now. After all, what did she do that was so extraordinary? If you meant the great St. Teresa who spent her life founding convents, then I’d understand!” With an inimitable wry jeer, the demon retorted: “Ah! Ah! So you think you know everything! So you believe it was her foundations that made her a saint! There are many others who have undertaken foundations!” Well, what made little Thérèse a saint?” “What made her a saint was that she destroyed her soul to make way for Christ.”

Any priest who would destroy his soul in this way would save the world, “he would become a living Christ”. “If she is so great and powerful, it’s because she was humble.”

  • “Well then,” said the priest, “we’ll try to become saints, by striving to acquire humility.”
  • “You can try all you want,” said the demon. “Don’t you know that humility is a gift? Only God can make you humble. Ah! Try all you like! Try all you like!”

Then a few moments later, he added:

  • “Pius X is humble; he’s a saint.”

Lastly, changing the subject and addressing the exorcising priest, he said:

  • “It’s not your face I fear, it’s your priestly vocation.”

At that point, he placed his blessed fingers (on the lips of the possessed woman).

- "Oh! Take your fingers off me, you’re burning me!! Oh! How I detest your powers to bless, absolve sins and chase me out!”

But that’s enough, darling little sister, now I must leave you! You see how great humility is in the eyes of God, and yet the humility you practiced, believing your letters wouldn’t be useful, won’t count for much. They may well be very useful and I probably explained myself very badly. I only meant to tell you to erase, or, in pencil, draw a line through the two or three lines in the original where she says “Baby” etc… I can’t quite remember, so that we, too, can erase them in your copies and say that they conform to the original.

Thank your dearest Mother Prioress for having offered to have them copied out again for us, but really there’s no need and I’m pleased that those that my darling little sister took so much trouble copying out twice will be used.

Farewell, little sister, I’ll always be with you in the Heart of our divine Child Jesus

Sr. Marie of the S. Heart


Kindly thank your Rev. Mother Superior for the lovely letter she wrote me. Tell her I love her very much and that I also love all her family, especially… my very little and beloved… Léonie Sr. Françoise-Thérèse

Little Mama