From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 29, 1915

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 29, 1915

Jesus +                                                                                                              29th April 1915

Darling little sister,

I haven’t yet seen the little Turn Sisters from the dear Visitation, but I’m looking forward to their visit as I believe they are bringing me something from my little Françoise-Thérèse. They are currently at Les Buissonnets.      

Our Mother has just shown me the pretty the little pyrography pictures that your dearest Mother Prioress sent us. How touched we are by her kind thought! Sr. Geneviève hadn’t seen them when she wrote to you; she has just been admiring them with me.

Darling little sister, I’m sending you some blessed box tree branches which our Turn Sisters brought back from our little saint’s grave during Palm week. We have rather a lot of them and you might be able to use them to make little sachets.

I’ll let you know when our dear Pierre comes back to us. He was discharged on account of his poor health. Now he is our full-time sacristan and only goes to Les Buissonnets to tend the garden. Miss Castel is managing very well on her own and this suits us very well.

This is a very muddled letter, darling little sister, but I must hurry because your little Sisters are about to come and I must be ready to see them.

I send you a hundred thousand kisses,

Your eldest sister who loves you tenderly

                                                                                 Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart

                                                                                           u. c. n.

Our Mother is sending you something which will interest you: your baptism certificate! Dear Fr. Lebouc, who baptised all three of us, sent us our baptism certificates a while ago thinking we would like to have them. The dear Canon is highly venerated in the diocese of Séez and will soon turn 90 I think! He is the brother of the Miss Leboucs; you must remember those dear old ladies?