From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – July 12, 1920

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – 12th July 1920


Jesus +                                                                                                   12th July 1920


Beloved little sister,

I have nothing to say except that I think of you very, very often! You won’t know my thoughts until we’re in heaven. They bring me closer to you, dear little sister. You have received so many graces since you were a child, when God allowed you to suffer sorely for your greater good! Now you are in the evening of your life, and you are finishing it as a queen; a spouse of God! But I sense that you struggle very often, all the time, in fact, and I pray that you might have the treasure of patience at all times. “May God put it in His little child’s hand so that he might use it when he needs it,” said Thérèse. You’ll never lack His help, darling little sister, if you beg Him, to the extent that should you lack patience, you will at least receive the precious little piece of humility with which to pay your debt immediately.  

I wrote to you on 4th July. I’m hesitating about sending you this little note, because it doesn’t say anything. I was under a certain impression which is fast subsiding. I will love Jesus as He makes Himself known to me and I won’t worry about how He makes Himself known to others. I won’t even think about it because it tires my mind. What can I say, I love only the Gospel. It reveals to me a God of simplicity and greatness at the same time. He is the One whom I have known since I was a child and who is the source of all my happiness.

Your little sister and mamma

Sr Agnes of Jesus