Wishes of Jesus in the Eucharist

Wishes of Jesus in the Eucharist - Tickets drawn on the feast of the Holy Sacrament

(then called “Feast of God”, celebrated on the second Sunday following Pentecost, the first being Trinity Sunday)

incomplete series

1st Wish
You will honor Jesus, prisoner in the Tabernacle, in being careful not to leave your cell without necessity and not allowing your imagination to have excessive liberty.
2nd Wish
You will honor Jesus, powerless in the Host, in suffering with patience and love the weaknesses that come to you through physical and intellectual infirmities.
3rd Wish
In order to honor Jesus in the Eucharist, the Living Bread descended from Heaven, receive Him daily with a ceaselessly eager and excited heart and a most lively hunger for celestial nourishment.
4th Wish
Honor with your silence Jesus silent in the Host.
5th Wish
Honor through your obedience full and perfect Jesus obedient in the Host.
6th Wish
To honor the immolation of Jesus in the Host, humble yourself interiorly and exteriorly.
7th Wish
To honor the charity of Jesus in the Eucharist, who gives Himself to all in Communion, do not exclude anyone from being witnesses to your fraternal love.
8th Wish
You will honor the solitude of Jesus in the Eucharist in the Tabernacle by not preferring creatures to living alone for the Divine Alone.
9th Wish
You will honor the destitution of Jesus in the Eucharist in practicing your vow of poverty with a great perfection.
10th Wish
In order to honor Jesus made Host for our love, unite yourself to Him, making yourself a small host by renewing your act of offering yourself to merciful Love.
11th Wish
Jesus in the Eucharist is the Victim of praise and graces that Jehovah claimed previously from David; unite yourself to Him in this offering that captures the Heart of the Celestial Father.
12th Wish
Console Jesus, profaned in the Host, by multiplying your acts of reparative love and offer your Communions for this intention.
13th Wish
To honor Jesus hidden in the Host, love to be hidden yourself, to live forgotten and unknown. An excellent means of bringing this about is to avoid talking about yourself.
15th Wish
Honor Jesus, defenseless in the Eucharist, by never excusing yourself or defending your personal interests.
16th Wish
Jesus in the Eucharist draws to the guilty earth the loving glances of His Celestial Father, live united with Him in order that you will also serve to procure for sinners his mercy and salvation.
17th Wish
Render thanks to Jesus in the Eucharist, for being in the Host the companion to your exile. Think of how bitter the world would be for you without His divine presence, and praise Him with thanksgiving and an ardent love for his being willing to live with us until the end of time.
18th Wish
Think that you are the Tabernacle where Jesus descends each morning. Live in a deep contemplation so that in drawing close to you one feels the presence of God and one is filled with great fervor.
19th Wish
Since Jesus in the Eucharist gives Himself to you each morning, be a living example; show to all, through the clarity of your virtues, that Jesus lives in your heart.
22nd Wish
Jesus has an ardent desire to descend in the Eucharist among unfaithful people and to give to them all nourishment. Beg, therefore, that the Celestial Father in the name of well-loved His Son to raise up many missionaries.
24th Wish
Jesus hides Himself in a white Host to be able to descend into your heart; but this heart is the true host where Jesus wishes to remain always. If you should ask Him with the same confidence that animated our Mother Saint Teresa, you can expect that he will stay in you as in the Sacred Sacrament.
25th Wish
Jesus in descending in the Host, vows to stay silently for long hours in the sanctuary. In order to delight Him, banish sad thoughts that could prevent you from singing to Him ceaselessly the canticles of praise and love.
26th Wishes
Jesus in the Eucharist wishes ardently to be the viaticum for those dying. He asks you for prayers so that there be no closing of access to hearts that will very soon cease to beat here below, and that they allow Him to be their companion on their voyage to Eternity.


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