“Mansions” (places) during Lent—

Places for Lent—1st Sunday of Lent

1st Mansion
Your mansion will be found in abandoning yourself to the Divine will. It is almost the only place from where no event, no creature can lead you astray. If, during the Holy Forty Days, you know to remain there faithfully, you will find so many heavenly charms that you will not wish to leave.

2nd Mansion
Your mansion during Lent will be the Carmel of Lisieux. Why do you remove yourself from there, even if only by thoughts, from this land of graces, from this place of benedictions where the glances of God and His angels will fall upon you with so many delights and love? Spend the Holy Forty Days thanking Heaven for allowing you to live in this paradise on earth. Think of how many saints there are among your sisters; give for them thanks to God; pray for them, pray for all so that they may be worthy of the great privilege of having been selected for this choice place.

3rd Mansion
Reside within your own heart during this Lent. It is a living temple where resides the Holy Trinity. Develop a love for withdrawing to there as often as possible to entertain your adorable Guests.

4th Mansion
During Lent, stay in the arms of Mary. Ask your celestial Mother to give you the understanding of the great mysteries that will develop before your eyes; ask that you may contemplate the crucified Jesus, soon resurrected, with the same sentiments of love that animated her during days of the humiliation and triumph of her divine Son.

5th Mansion
During this Lent, you will provide company to the Holy Virgin, you will remember the Forty Days that she spent alone while Jesus was in the desert, fasting and praying. You will be filled with tenderness for your dear Mother; you will often speak to her thinking how she must suffer from this separation that painfully reminds her of the three days Jesus spent in the Temple. It was for you that she withstood this sorrow; thus, give her proof of your love.

6th Mansion
Your mansion during this Lent will be the desert in order to be near Jesus. You will imitate His fasts, physically and spiritually, both if possible, if you can. You will imitate Him most of all his continual prayers and, therefore, you will have a more perfect recollection than ever before.

7th Mansion
Stay during this Lent within the shadow of the Cross. “Wherever you may go” says the Imitation, “you will find the Cross.” If you should choose this place, you will find the strength to stay there. The Cross is sweet to those who embrace it with love; so, embrace it with a fervent heart on the thousand small occasions that you encounter it on your path and you will soon prefer its own gentleness, even if you did not previously know it.

8th Mansion
Make as your home, during this Lent, the “fertile valley of humility.” Descend and, without stopping, think about your littleness, receive with joy the exterior humiliations that will come to you. Think of the great courage that one day will be yours during the long Lent of this life. The Resurrected Jesus will be the divine Elevator that will carry you from the terrestrial valley into the summit of the eternal hills.

9th Mansion
Remain, during this Lent, next to Jesus in prayer. Remember those nights that He spent in prayer, and make an effort to reproduce in your heart the sentiments of humility and love that animated the soul of the Man-God in His ineffable colloquies with His celestial Father.

10th Mansion
In the Altar, Jesus renews, in silence and shadows , the great mysteries of salvation that the Church presents for our meditation. Stay, therefore, during this holy time of Lent, in spirit and in reality, before Jesus in the Eucharist and unite your sentiments to His adorable Heart.

11th Mansion (abridged)
Your mansion will be, during Lent, in the company of…all sinners. You will multiply your small sacrifices, your acts of virtue in order to convert a great number of poor souls and to offer to them the Resurrected Jesus on the day of His triumph.

12th Mansion
Your mansion, during this Lent, will be Jerusalem, listening with an avid heart to Jesus’ predictions in this Holy City and indemnifying Him for the cold mockery of His listeners with your respectful and loving attention and for your fervent observation of all that He teaches.

13th Mansion
Your mansion, during Lent, will be the lake shore of Genesareth [known better as Sea of Galilee]. Sometimes, you mix with the enthusiastic crowd that acclaims Jesus and you praise Him with them; sometimes; you join the disciples to be nearer Him. You will look for Him most of all when He is poorly received in order to console Him through your ardent and generous love and shield Him from the hate and indifference that He sometimes finds.

14th Mansion
You will spend Lent in Bethany, imitating Mary and Martha in the love and diligence that they show Him; and also consoling Him for the hate and indifference with which men repay Him for his devotion and ineffable tenderness.

15th Mansion
During Lent, build your dwelling in the Heart of Jesus and, plunging into this ardent furnace, you will embrace love [charite] of God and neighbor.
16th Mansion
During this Lent, you will go often in spirit to the Garden of Olives; there you will accompany Jesus during his long vigil and above all during his terrible agony; this will produce in you the most tender love so as to help Him forget the ingratitude and malice of your fellow sinners.

17th Mansion
Your mansion, during this Lent, will be the Cenacle [“the Upper Room’]; adorn your soul with a meticulous care for the reception of the divine Eucharist, and prepare yourself, for fervent daily Communion; in receiving [the Sacred Host] on Holy Thursday, you will also draw ineffable graces.

18th Mansion
You will, during this Lent, fix your eyes lovingly upon the ravaged face of Jesus, offering to the Celestial Father, for the salvation of sinners, this divine Face from which His kind gaze proceeds.

19th Mansion
You will, during this Lent, fix your eyes lovingly upon the glorious Face of Jesus, begging Him, like Therese, to stamp in you His divine likeness and excite within your heart, by appreciating His ineffable beauty, a most tender and ardent love.

20th Mansion
You will proceed, during this Lent, on the Via Dolorosa [“voie douloureuse”] going in spirit from Pilate’s Praetorium to the summit of Calvary; you will stop at each Station and meditate with tender love upon the sufferings of the Savior.

21st Mansion
During this Lent, you will follow the Holy Virgin in the paths and places that she would have taken from Jerusalem to Bethany during the forty days that preceded the Resurrection. You will share her concerns, her agonies; you will ask her to communicate to you a little of her love for Jesus, and you will offer her all your filial love.

22nd Mansion
During this Lent, you will follow Jesus to everywhere He went in the weeks preceding His death; you will provide Him your faithful and gentle company during His Passion; and you will stay at His tomb until His Resurrection.

23rd Mansion
During this Lent, reside within a profound solitude, both interior and exterior, if your employment so permits; but, if not, then simply interior solitude. You will thus move towards a divine union that fulfills your deepest desires.

24th Mansion
Stay during this Lent in a continual and universal state of renouncement. If you are faithful to this exercise of abnegation, your soul will have an astonishing ascent of love when Easter comes.

25th Mansion
Build your mansion, during this Lent, in the region of pure faith. Exercise towards your Superiors the full spirit of faith. Remember that it is through faith that we reach knowledge of God, of His love, and, consequently, achieve the union for which the soul so greatly yearns.

26th Mansion
During this Lent, you will reside in peace, but with one condition: that is, that you will employ all your power to give primacy to your charity, your humility, your deference, your gentleness. And, if you so act, you will be called “Child of God” , who you will look upon with a singular desire to please.  

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