Hermitage of the Holy Face

Little hermitage located in the middle of the meadow and covered with a leafy vine, having covered over little by little the arbor brought from the Buissonets. We can see it near the center of the photo, forming bell-shaped greenery. In the back there was a little grotto housing a reproduction of Veronica’s veil. At the bottom of the photo, the little path leads to the infirmary. From the window, Thérèse spoke of that hermitage on August 28th, 1897 to Mother Agnès, “ Do you see over there the black hole underneath the chestnut trees next to the cemetery [it’s behind at an angle] where you can’t see anything more? It’s a hole like that I am in with my soul and body. Ah! What darkness! But I’m at peace there.” (Yellow notebook)




A more recent photo taken from the other side, which permits us to see the interior of the hermitage under the arbor during a bare season. The trees behind are the chestnut trees of the alley.


A slightly more recent view, very close up.


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