Hermitage of Saint Magdalene

A little grotto at the back of the cemetery with a bench allowing one to sit as if in a hermitage. We see here a recent photo, taken in the snow. The big cross and the statue of the Virgin are not from the time period. 

Thérèse received there a special grace: She spoke to me about her prayers of former days, in the summer evenings during the periods of silence, and she understood then by experience what a "flight of the spirit" was." She spoke to me about another grace of this kind which she received in the grotto of St. Mary Magdalene, in the month of July, 1889, a grace followed by several days of "quietude". . . It was as though a veil had been cast over all the things of this earth for me. ... I was entirely hidden under the Blessed Virgin's veil. At this time, I was placed in charge of the refectory, and I recall doing things as though not doing them; it was as if someone had lent me a body. I remained that way for one whole week." Yellow Notebook of July.





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