Pauline remembers her 1st communion


Excerpt from her memoirs


I made a very good communion, it seems to me. I was already thinking of being a religious. It was July 2nd, 1872; I was almost eleven years old. Little Thérèse would be born six months after. That afternoon, my friend Marie-Thérèse who had been chosen to pronounce the act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin became very ill all of a sudden. The first mistress looked to see which of her companions could replace her. She undoubtedly read in my eyes the ardor of my desire and I was the one who recited it in the chapel.

Since you want to know the names of my first communion companions, here is the list:

Marie Thérèse Pallu de Bellay, now Mme de Feydeau and who still writes me.
Blanche de Mailly.
Marguerite de Cumont (who became the mother of a Carmelite in Caen).
Yvonne de la Piquerie, currently with the Little Sisters of the Poor, with her husband.
Geneviève de Viennay (?)
Geneviève de la Porte, sister of Edith (Mme de Mesnay)
Marie de Baglion who spends her life in good works.
Madeleine de la Charrie who became a Visitation nun in Mans.
Perhaps Eugénie Véritè (who had an aunt in the Carmel of Mans, it seems to me) but I’m not sure.


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