Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart


Arch-confraternity of the Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Monthly tickets to be drawn the first Friday of the month.
They were placed inside a basket set on the walkway towards the choir altar, between the stalls of the prioress and the sub-prioress.
We have two different editions with same date; the sisters would alternate use.

Tickets-Zealatrix, 1st Series, [red-bordered].

Inscribed at the bottom of each office: The Heart of Jesus recommends that you be most faithful during your hour as Guard to obtain seven and fourteen score years of indulgence. (Pius IX, April 7, 1865)—Pater, Ave

The soul aspiring to the love of the Sacred Heart

The reign of pure love cannot yet perfectly establish itself in your soul because you have not died to yourself. Deplore humbly your imperfections and beg the Divine Heart to allow you nevertheless to aspire to the purity of His Holy Love. Thus, discern what is your dominant fault, and, during this month, above all during your Hour of Guard, apply yourself forcefully to combat it. So, make frequent acts of love, and if you cannot love enough, at least make a great effort to love. Jesus will be content with your good intention and He will descend into your nothingness and enrich and inflame it with his Holy Armor. You will repeat as often as possible, particularly during the Hour of Guard, this aspiration that will develop into a great saint any Religious that repeats it during the space of seven years.

I love you, Oh Jesus! I wish to love you! That I wish for your sake to be consumed with love!

The soul as slave to the Sacred Heart

The slave does not belong to himself. He belongs unconditionally to the master who purchased him. Jesus has purchased you at the cost of His own blood; do not live for your own sake, but for His alone. Be His slave of love! That is to say, free yourself of all other servitude and of all fear; do not draw away, but allow yourself to be drawn toward Him whom you love alone. Nothing is as sweet as the yoke of love. Be glad to lose your freedom to acquire a glorious servitude. Truly, you cannot love basely, act feebly for, suffer without courage for -- your Master, Love! You will possess the sublime. But, with confidence, this same love will be your strength.

Attentive and loving slave, take care, during this month, above all during the Hour of Guard, to fulfill the Master’s least desire; to respond to the slightest sound of inspiration to which you can respond. Refuse nothing to love and refuse all to nature; because it is essential to decide whether to be the slave of one or the other. And, if you are not pleased to be a slave of Jesus, you will be most unhappy with yourself. Flee from such unhappiness!

Bind me, Lord, sweetly to you! I cannot love or serve anyone but you. 

The Soul That is a Friend of the Sacred Heart

The fidelity of love is proved through adversity. If the Heart of Jesus arranges that you bear a great sacrifice during this month, show him, by how generously you accept this chalice, that you wish to be both faithful in difficult times and times of prosperity. The fidelity of love is proved repeatedly through the exactitude of little things, nothing is small if it is performed with great love! Even picking up from the ground a wisp of straw. Refrain from a word, a gesture, a look without being first inspired by a prompting of love; you will be moved in this manner. Then, Jesus, seeing you faithful in small things, will introduce you to greater things. That is to say, you will be accorded those choice graces that pertain to the Saints.

Heart of the faithful friend, to you my poor heart, of whom you are the life and the purest happiness!

The Soul Conquered by the Sacred Heart

The Heart of Jesus has already won you by vanquishing the demon through the Sacrament of Baptism, and the world by the call to the perfect life. He again wishes you to conquer self through the strength and gentleness of his love! To this end, he delivers you from battles with your passions and inclinations in order to drive them away from your heart in order for you to find rest in your Master. Examine, during this month, what within you is the enemy that resists the most divine approaches of Jesus, and give this sweet Conqueror the permission to annihilate this obstacle. The principal rival of pure love is self love, consent that O.L. annihilates always this evil that obstinately sets to reign fully in you. Accept, according to this precept, the want of consideration, contempt, coldness, forgetfulness from others, and all that makes you the subject of suffering, you will be encouraged by the thought that each crucifying occasion, accepted willingly, will advance the reign of the Divine Heart in your dear soul.

My Lovable Conqueror, I bless the defeat that renders me forever your happy conquest.

The Soul Hidden in the Sacred Heart

Jesus calls you to Nazareth to live hidden and unknown with Him, hidden with regards to all human concerns and glorifying God through your self-effacement. Study, above all during the Hour of Guard, the sentiments of the Incarnate Word during this portion of his mortal life. What humility! What obedience! What silence!...All his exterior is modest and recollected; the powers of His soul are consumed in the highest contemplation. He loves! He praises! He magnifies his Father in Heaven, while He submits on earth with the docility of an infant to the orders of Mary and Joseph.
Within the secrets of your heart, in the silence of your retreat, try to retrace the divine Model; drive your slightest acts towards the desire to love God, to please Him, and to glorify Him as much as the Hidden Jesus did in Nazareth. That your conversations be of Heaven. Not loved, not seen, nor to have been seen, and to disappear from the spirits and the hearts of creatures, and that they almost forget you.

I wish to live hidden in you, Sweet savior! Because only you suffice to make me happy. 


The Soul in Contemplation Before the Sacred Heart

Like a very small child who sitting on the legs of his tender father finds his joy in bestowing innocent caresses upon him and lovingly regarding him, you will, during this month, be at the adorable feet of Jesus! Do not abandon this place of love unless duty calls you, then return quickly to rest near this good Father. Jesus will be filled with infinite contentment at seeing you, contemplating, adoring, loving Him. Such incredible exquisiteness, could you ever be weary of admiring such as this? It is infinite love, can you not help but love it? It is incarnate mercy, would you fear to speak of your miseries to it? During your prayers, communions, Hours of Guard, stay humbly at the feet of Jesus; kiss them; perfume them in ardent prayer for poor sinners whom those adorable feet so perseveringly sought on earth.

Oh, Jesus! Let me contemplate you and tell the whole world about your love….your kindnesses!...

The Soul, a Generous Friend of the Sacred Heart

The Heart of Jesus has chosen you as his Victim and, during this month, you will prove the generosity of your love. Love never tempted, what does it know? And what about love that never has been tested?...The measure of your patient suffering for Jesus will certainly be the measure of your merit and progress. Therefore, immolate yourself in silence, like Jesus, who allowed Himself to be lead to death without opening His mouth to complain. Imitate Him as you find the thousands of small opportunities for self-immolation along the way to Calvary. Make every act of virtue. Enrich your soul in secret under the exclusive gaze of the Master! Oh! What consolation you will bring to the divine Heart in behaving like this! Because, unfortunately, Jesus finds very few friends generous enough to follow Him unto death itself. However, this death brings only life and happiness.

You wish it, Lord! Ah! I wish it too! I consent here to die in any manner!

The Soul, a Faithful Servant of the Sacred Heart

Like a Servant who studies the least of his master’s desires, keep the focus of your soul trained constantly on the Sacred Heart to surmise His desires and His intentions, and thus you will comply promptly with exactitude and love! This loveable Master will ask you frequently, during this month, during the Hour of Guard, for services to those who surround you. He will realize through your dear neighbor His desire for assistance, consolation and relief; to make up for, above all, through your faithful service, those ungrateful creatures that refuse! Oh! Respond humbly, lovingly to this desire of the Master: make yourself into His devoted servant; and he will repay you for the smallest services rendered to console His most loving Heart.

Oh! Master! I am ready to serve you; I will go anywhere, Lord, You need only ask.

The Soul, the Well-loved Disciple of the Sacred Heart

Among his dozen Apostles and many Disciples, Jesus distinguished one with a love of predilection. Similarly, among all the souls he loves, He has chosen you to be His well-loved Disciple. It is to you that he wishes to reveal His greatest secrets, to teach above all his divine lesson of sweetness and humility. With humble confusion, acknowledge this favor; be well attentive to the grace that will reach you during this month, particularly during the Hour of Guard. Without a doubt, Jesus will say to you repeatedly and strongly, “Make yourself small!”...small before God, you will appear in your nothingness before Him; small before your neighbors, humble yourself before them; even be small before your own eyes, forgetting the little good you have been able to do and remember only your imperfections. This will be your practice.

I wish to stay small, Oh! My tender Master to better love You and better know You.

The Soul Fervent in the Love of the Sacred Heart

A fervent soul always moves towards that which is most perfect because fervor is the flowering of love! During this month, during the Hour of Guard, retake your first ardor and re-awaken the zeal that animated the first moment you gave yourself to God. Let your example edify, stimulate and lead on! One single soul cannot be truly fervent! She preaches! She converts! She perfect others without saying a word; and, before God, she will have all the merits of good that her example will inspire. With the fervor of your love, also make yourself console the Divine Heart; tell him often that your love Him, that you desire what pleases Him; and, in all things, make plans to prove this desire. In sum, make, during this month, the greatest number of acts of love.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, give me always, as my portion, the ability to love you more and more.

The Soul Tried by the Sacred Heart

Jesus asks you to follow Him down the same path strewn with thorns that he walked on earth, where His life was a continual Cross. Have confidence, the Master will sustain you. Oh, it is consoling to know that each test is a mark of love on the part of God; that he has weighed the costs carefully before assigning it to you; and that the graces, the strength, the consolations are dispatched to us daily in proportion to the sacrifices demanded. Nature will tremble, and you may even say like Jesus in the Garden of Olives: “Father, let this chalice pass far from me!” But love will make you add with the submissive Heart of O.L.: “Not my will, my God, but your will!...Later, when affliction has purified your soul, free and happy, she will sing the canticle of deliverance!

May these thoughts of faith sustain you during those trying times when the Divine Heart might send you trials during this month.

Chalice of Jesus! I wish to taste it; when one loves, it is sweet to suffer and cry!

The Soul Constant in Its Love of the Sacred Heart

The Heart of Jesus, in having chosen you as its constant friend, has planned to fortify you against the thousand falls and relapses that will slow your walk along the way of perfection. For this, draw yourself close from morning on to the good Master as an infant draws close to its mother; the powerful hand of O.L. will sustain you. After a mistake, you will, confidently and full of love, be found by Him, especially after you have sought His pardon after having committed a fault. Your practice, during this month, and during the Hour of Guard, will be not to allow your numerous failings to discourage you; to have patience with yourself; never to go on a useless detour or to become upset with yourself. In sum, never leave Jesus, not even for an instance. Far from Him, you will only fail.

Yes, I am powerlessness and frailty themself, I trust in you, my Master!...and I love you!

The Soul, Faithful Imitator of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart asks you to copy Him this month. Place yourself before him like a model before a painter making a portrait. Lovingly study what are His feelings, inclinations and movements of the desires of this divine Heart to follow him as best as is possible for you. You will find in this adorable Heart everything saturated in gentle sweetness, in profound humility. You will see His self-forgetfulness and that He is consumed with love for you!...You will find yourself to be egoistic, imperious, and little loving. You will be profoundly humbled and you will try hard to do away with these miseries so that there will be less of a disproportion between the Original and its copy. To get there, ask, before every acts, before every humbling meeting, in every struggle: With what interior dispositions did Jesus suffer this or that thing. Thus, try to mould your hear as His is, so sweet and so humble. For that, do not lose from sight that divine Model.

To follow better that adorable Model, I will fix my sight on you most faithfully.

The Soul, Faithful Companion of the Sacred Heart

This beautiful title will oblige you to follow Jesus wherever He will deign to conduct you during this month. Without doubt, He will lead you in the country of poverty, of humility and of suffering, because these were the three loved and faithful companions of His mortal life. But do not be afraid: one is rich, one is glorious, one is above all happy when one is poor, humble and suffers with Jesus! His love sweetens all! Accept then the alarms, the privations, the annihilation, and the sufferings that the adorable Heart will send you…However bitter the chalice may seem to you, look at Jesus who has drunk the greater part and you will feel stronger to drain the rest. Your practice, particularly during the Hour of Guard, will be to follow faithfully this sweet Master, study the dispositions of his Sacred Heart towards you and oblige Him during times of pain, of struggle and of suffering…Do not do as the lax Disciples who abandoned Jesus just when he needed to mount Calvary.

I will follow you everywhere, good Jesus! Tender Father, Not just to Tabor!...but also to Calvary!

The Soul Disinterested for Self in Her Love of the Sacred Love

Take, during this month, for your model the pure and disinterested love of O.L. whom you love. He has given Himself up for you without reserve. Do you still want to divide your heart?...Do you wish to give up only half to pure love? God will preserve you from such a misfortune! From today onward, no, no more of self-seeking, pride, private interests, self-involvement. Give all, and you will find all. Study, above all during the Hour of Guard, the ways in which you seek self the most, so you will destroy these inclinations without hesitation. In particular, avoid speaking of, thinking of self and this occupying others; and give to your dear neighbors the care, the attention, the tenderness that you would refuse to give yourself. In sum, and above all, think often of Jesus, speak of Him, love Him with all your heart; because pure love should be your life.

Oh! Who would give me the love of a Seraphim, to love you, Lord, ardently and without end!

The Soul, a Victim of the Sacred Heart

The Soul chosen as Victim, adopts the sentiments of Jesus when, entering into the world, He said to his Father ”Behold, I come to do Thy will!” The soul will offer itself as Victim to the Divine Sacrifice to be immolated, during this month, when and how He pleases. She will study how to stay peaceful, submissive, abandoned on the altar of sacrifice where body, spirit and heart will remain as a continuous holocaust! She will remember that a Victim should allow herself in some manner to be tied and slain after which the fire has but to consume her. She allows that, as He will, Jesus will snatch her, bind her for obedience, immolate her in self-annihilation, so that, in the end, the fire of Divine Love will have consumed the rust of sin and made of the sacrifice a pleasing scent that will glorify the M.B. Trinity, console the Heart of Jesus, and will obtain mercy for poor sinners.

Heart of Jesus! For your love, that I too will be a Victim!


A Soul Totally Devoted to the Sacred Heart

The good Jesus, who found everywhere ungrateful and lax children, by His love, has cast His eyes upon you to be consoled by your devotion. Do not refuse Him this mark of true love. This devotion that Jesus awaits from you is a totally new ardor to His Divine service, having nothing to do with your official duties. As a totally devoted soul, all that you will want is to be of service in the smallest ways to those around you, to love, to serve, to oblige the Divine Heart by serving them. Be equally full of zeal to bring into the fold, through your prayers, many sinners. Ask for good and fervent ministers for service at the altars and for a great number of generous souls who will devote themselves without measuring to our Divine Savior. For these various intentions, recite a Pater and Ave during your Hour of Guard.

May I not , Oh, Jesus, in every instant, through full devotion, prove my love!

The Soul, Confidant of the Sacred Heart

The happiest of your privileges! Jesus wishes to confide in you His sorrows, his secrets, the most intimate desires of His adorable Heart! Shut well your ears from external noises to understand his sweet voice. Keep to yourself the spirit, the imagination, the language, above all the Heart, and withdraw into the very profundity of your soul, stay alert, during the month and the Hour of Guard, what the great Confider wishes to reveal to you! He will tell you of His eternal existence, His suffering and the annihilation of His mortal life, the ingratitude with which mankind repays His immense love!...He will tell you, above all, His limitless desire to unite with your dear soul. The means by which He means to draw you and detach you from all the rest! Oh! How many more things will Jesus confide in you if, closing the doors to your senses, both interior and exterior, guarding a profound silence, you will have the ears needed to understand and receive these Divine communications!

I will be silent, Lord, in order to better understand what your sweet Heart wishes mine to understand.

The Soul, Mediatrix With the Sacred Heart

The Heart of Jesus greatly wishes that you join Him in His role of Mediator that He fills without ceasing in Heaven and earth. Respond fully that it be possible for you to be worthy of such a mark of confidence. He is tirelessly occupied with the salvation of men. Offer to His Celestial Father, His pleas, His Blood, His sufferings in their favor. United with this sweet Mediator, beg mercy for sinners, grace and perseverance for the just. Offer for this intention a small prayer and a light sacrifice each day of this month. That your interior disposition, above all during the Hour of Guard, be to hold yourself, together with the Divine Heart, in continuous supplication before the throne of God, in order to help mediate the granting of those favors needed by the entire world, and above all to increase loving zeal towards the Sacred Heart.

Holy Father, Look upon the Face of Jesus, and make of poor sinners the elect.

The Soul, Adorer of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart, august sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity, deserves that all mankind remain in continuous adoration before Him.  But, alas! The good Master hardly finds any true adorers, in spirit and in reality, of the kind He seeks. You, at least, are one of the adoring and faithful souls! Humble yourself profoundly before the Heart of Jesus, eclipse all else so that you can be alone before the divine Sun of souls. Offer up, to supplant the feeble nature of your own adorations, those of the Most Holy Virgin, Saint Joseph, the Angels and the Saints. Your practice will be to hold an attitude of great respect before the Holy Sacrament, imitating the fervor and humility of the adoring Angels. In saluting Jesus in the Eucharist, have the intention of adoring, loving Him in place of those who do not recognize Him there or offend this Sacrament of Love. In sum, say often during the Hour of Guard:

That, above all, be loved the Most Loveable Heart of Jesus, my Love, my Savior!

The Soul, Offering Reparation to the Sacred Heart

The Divine Heart, heaped with outrages, expects from you, during this month, loving reparation. Come, then, often in spirit before your good Master, and seeing Him sad, afflicted, ask Him the cause of His grief. He will tell you that it is the extreme ingratitude of men, particularly those, although consecrated to Him, who divide their hearts with creatures!...Thus, offer yourself to Jesus completely as compensation, as consolation! Assure Him that He will be your all, pray and atone for the guilty. But, above all, love, because the wounds of love cannot be healed except through love! During your Hour of guard, tell Jesus often with the greatest tenderness:

Each instant of the day, I wish, sweet Savior, by my ardent love to console your Heart!

The Soul, Devoted With Zeal to the Sacred Heart

Zeal is to love what flame is to fire. Alone, the heart that ardently loves is consumed by this beautiful, zealous flame. If, therefore, you love the Divine Heart, you will burn with desire to make Him known, to make Him loved; because love cannot, anymore than fire, rest without action. Zeal, which is like a flame, always needs nourishment. Exercise this zeal, especially with regard to yourself, in being most faithful in everything, in all suffering, during this month, for the great glory of the Sacred Heart and for the sole purpose of His most pure Heart. All around you, promote devotion to this loveable Heart, speak of Him often, and encourage your associates to keep well their Hour of Guard. In sum, never go by an image of the Sacred Heart without saluting Him interiorly, asking O.L. to reveal to souls the infinite goodness of His adorable Heart and the immense love He bears for poor creatures!

Oh! Jesus! Give me the apostolic fervor to make your adorable Heart known everywhere!

The Soul, Admirer of the Goodness of the Sacred Heart

In view of the immeasurable love carried within the Heart of Jesus to stay among us until the end of time, enter into sentiments of admiration and gratitude worthy of such a bounty. Moreover, make the abasement of Jesus in the Eucharist the subject of your attention during your prayers, Communions and Hour of Guard…You admire how the Word-Host is the actual model of the perfect soul. In effect, Jesus, the prisoner of love, is silent, obedient, poor, mortified, without self-interest, and, therefore, he nourishes, revives souls through his complete sacrifice. Similarly, in practicing Eucharistic virtues, in dying to self every hour, you will be life for others, spreading the good graces of Jesus Christ.

Oh! Jesus, my love; Oh! Word made host! When will I be like you, totally annihilated!

The Soul, Favorite of the Sacred Heart

The Heart of Jesus has chosen you as its favorite! It is to say that he wishes you constantly to be near Him, conversing Heart to heart, spreading with both Hands his choicest favors upon your dear soul! Ah! Respond through much love to this designation worthy of envy! Keep yourself assiduously near this King of hearts! Maintain court with the Angels who adore Him in our sacred Tabernacles! Live only for His divine will! For that, you will apply yourself, during the month and above all during the Hour of Guard, never to lose the sight of the presence of God. You will excite within yourself a very great confidence; because the title that Jesus has given you endows you with power over his adorable Heart. Use this merit in prayer for your Community, your parish, your family and poor sinners. Ask above all, for a number of elite souls, for the beneficial effect on religious vacations.

I wish, most sweet Jesus, to stay humble and small in order always to be your favorite soul.

The Soul, Solitary With the Sacred Heart

Solitude is the country of the strong! It is also on earth the paradise of the saints! “Oh! Solitude! Oh! Beatitude!” So exclaimed St. Bernard. Privileged soul, isolate yourself, hide yourself with Jesus, flee to the desert! It is there that manna falls from heaven!..Yes, flee…flee from vain distractions, anxious cares, useless conversations…flee from yourself! And, far from this small interior and exterior world that absorbs you, enter the desert, climb the summit of God; there, hide yourself in the crevice of the rock: the Heart of Jesus! What admirable designs the good Master will make within your dear soul! Where he will find it one to one! During this month, above all during your Hour of Guard, your interior concern will be for you to be well recollected, solitary and quiet, so regardless when your Spouse deigns to arrive, He can speak to your heart.

Your Heart, Oh, Jesus, will be the sanctuary where I will live peacefully, lovingly and solitarily!

The Soul, Immolated by the Sacred Heart!

Like the divine Lamb, immolated for the sake of the world, move towards the altar of Holocaust where the Heart of Jesus will place you this month, and on which He wishes that you will be all consumed by fire by His most pure love! Do not move away, do not make any more resistance than would the lamb that is about to be put to death…Allow iron, flame and fire to destroy in you all that is merely natural. It is necessary that, entirely purified, you will become a victim giving off an agreeable scent before the Most Adorable Trinity! Go therefore powerfully towards immolation! Sacrifice yourself, allow yourself to be judged and contradicted by your neighbor and you will resemble the crucified God. The most sweet Heart of Jesus, immolated on the Cross, will be your model. Study His interior dispositions and conform your actions to them. Above all, repeat often, during your Hours of Guard, His adorable prayer in favor of poor sinners: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!...

Ah! Allow me, Lord, to immolate myself with you; the Spouse has a right to follow the other!

The Soul, Captive With the Sacred Heart

Oh! What a happy fate to be captured by the Love of Jesus! Stay closely bound to the Divine Heart, and take as a model the Holy Eucharist where He is also a Captive of Love. Observe Him—silent, deserted, a prisoner, obedient, poor, above all, immolated. Ah! Keep Him company, that during this month and the Hour of Guard, you heart will not be far from the Tabernacle!...To imitate the divine Captive, love silence, retreat, allow yourself to be at the disposal of all, cherish abandonment, forget creatures, and do not act for yourself alone. Then, truly, you will be the well-loved captive of the Divine Heart, always prepared for immolation with Him and for Him! Also, He will love you with a special love and will refuse you nothing.

Ensure, very sweet Savior, that, captive of love, with you, I will be immolated night and day!

The Soul, Privileged One of the Sacred Heart

In imitation of the well beloved Disciple, who, during the Last Supper, reclined upon the bosom of the Savior, and there drew the science of love, you will ask O.L. permission, during the month, to make your spiritual home upon His adorable bosom. There, during prayers, communions, the Hour of Guard, you will listen attentively to the secrets of the divine Heart. You will study His provisions of love for all men, and, in particular, this precept of mutual dilection: “Love one another, as I have loved you!” You will examine, as a result, that if you love your neighbor as much as yourself: if you excuse and pardon him willingly, if you take up his defense; in a word, if you are ready to be delivered over for his sake, you will do as did Jesus. You find yourself still egoistical, still full of self-love, far from resembling the sweet and loving Savior. You will profoundly humble yourself before Him, to promise to comfort his adorable Heart so as to put forth fully charity towards your neighbor.

Like another St. John, ah! Let me, Lord, sleep sweetly upon your amiable Heart!

The Soul, Well Loved by the Sacred Heart

Oh You! To whom this beautiful title is granted, make great ado about this happiness! That Jesus is your Well-Beloved chosen among a thousand, while deigning, He Himself, you as the Well-beloved of His Heart! Do not permit any affection, however small it may be, towards creatures; focus the eyes of your soul upon O.L.; do not live, do not breathe except for Him alone; do not aspire to anything but His pure love! This beautiful title you will acquire by abandoning all, without reserve for Jesus; conserve no need or desire except to please Him, to sing like the dove: “My well-beloved always faces me through foresight, and I Him through confidence.” Your special practice, during this month’s Hour of Guard, shall be to bring to life your smallest actions with the greatest purity of love. So, O.L. can say of you each instant: “My Well-Beloved has ravished my heart with a single hair.”

Ah! Who will give me, My Well-Beloved Savior, an arrow of love to wound your Heart!

The Soul That Loves the Sacred Heart

In imitation of St. Magdalen, who sat at the feet of the good Master, contemplating Him ceaselessly and loving without reserve of affection…the soul, the Lover of the Sacred Heart, will pray Jesus to permit, during this month, that she may sit at his adorable feet. She will return constantly in spirit and heart to this post of love, especially during prayers, communions, Hours of Guard! Her duty will be to wash with tears the feet of the Lord, to kiss them with respect, with holy affection to act lovingly and sweetly, in all, to console the Divine Heart for the indifference and ingratitude of men. In sum, she will make every effort to suffer in love, by love, for love, and so deserve the title that He has given.

With my most humble love, ah! Let me, Lord deposit at your feet all the love of my Heart!

The Soul, Spouse of the Sacred Heart

The Soul, who will share this beautiful title, will study to live heart-to-heart with the divine Spouse, as if only He and she were alone on earth. Loving spouse, she will consecrate to Jesus all the affections of her heart through numerous acts of love. Zealous spouse, she will pray ardently that the divine Heart will be more and more loved by all, and will repeat often this intention: above all during the Hour of Guard: “May the sacred Heart of Jesus be loved above all” (100 days indulgence). Generous spouse, she will aim to overcome her natural dislikes for the sake of the Savior. Faithful spouse, she will constantly accompany Jesus everywhere, whether to Calvary or Tabor. And, as needed, to repeat with St. Thomas: All come and die with Him!

Oh, make me, Lord, your faithful spouse; of this happiness my soul bears a holy envy!

The Soul United With the Sacred Heart

The divine Heart wishes that, during this month, you will love with Him in greatest intimacy! Like a friend who has nothing to hide from another friend, do not keep from Jesus any secret, any reserve, any defiance. In your embarrassments, your difficulties, your sorrows, take recourse in this sweet Friend. Ask him for strength, light, consolation; He will refuse you nothing! Let your interior disposition, above all during the Hour of Guard, be to unite yourself with Jesus in all your actions. Like a branch united to the Vine, allow the spirit of Jesus to circulate without obstacle inside all your being, so that your smallest acts, inspired, filled with His divine Spirit, be above all worthy fruits of eternal Life. If a fault comes to separate you from the divine Vine, quickly let go of an act of love of interior humility that, once again, will graft you onto Jesus Christ.

Oh! When will I be able to say, amiable divine King, It is not I who lives, but you who lives in me!

The Soul, Host With the Sacred Heart

The host is not just a front, a base appearance that hides Jesus-Christ. Similarly, O.L. wishes that, entirely wiped out, you will be nothing but a human veil that will demonstrate to human eyes the divine life towards which He wishes to lead your soul. He desires that, in some manner, you will be transubstantiated in Jesus Christ! But what death does not also presuppose such a sublime state? During this month, during the Hour of Guard, apply yourself to crush self regard, willfulness, self-interest, to allow in the life, movement, action of the divine Heart alone!...He will see that it is not you within yourself, but Jesus only in you. These words of St. Paul should summarize your interior disposition: “Jesus Christ is my life, and to die is to gain. Yes, to die, to die to all, to die continually to allow Jesus Christ to live in you!”

Allow me, dear Savior, to be with you a Host, to become immolated with you! That is the glory of my life !




Tickets-Zealatrix, 2nd Series, [black-bordered] incomplete

The Soul That is Brought to Life by the Sacred Heart
“I am the Life!” During this month, expose your soul to the nourishing action of the Sacred Heart, like a plant that is exposed to the rays of the sun in order to receive warmth, light and life. If you are tepid, the divine sun will warm you; if you are blind, it will illuminate you; if you are dead, it will resuscitate you. But you must go to Him! You must reveal your needs through prayer; you must open your soul to him by confidence. This sun, this radiant star, cannot penetrate a place that is always closed up. It is at the Altar, at the Holy Table, at Prayer where He will shine with all the strength of His love; come hither and seek His healing influence.
Divine Heart of Jesus! resplendent Sun, give life and light to my listless heart.

The Soul upon Which the Sacred Heart Has Compassion
“I have compassion!” Perhaps you groan under heavy chains; perhaps you suffer inexpressible anguish. Oh! Rejoice, for the Heart of Jesus has seen your misery, and He has said, “I have compassion for this soul”. The compassion of Jesus! How efficacious it is; how consoling. Cast yourself into the arms of this most dear friend, whatever your troubles may be. He will comfort you. In your turn, during the month, during the Hour of Guard, have compassion on Him. The wicked ones aggrieve Him. Do not ever give Him one shadow of willful pain.
Lord Have compassion for me, compassion upon my misery…I place it in your fatherly Heart!

The Soul Knocking at the Door of the Sacred Heart
“Knock and it shall be opened to you.” Doubtless, you have knocked on the doors of many hearts, asking of one rest, of another, shelter, of all, happiness. But you were deceived. One Soul alone can give you all this. It is the Heart of Jesus! During this month, and during the Hour of Guard, remain humbly at the door of the Divine Heart…Knock and it shall be opened to you!...But once you have entered this prison of love, beseech O.L. to close the door behind you, and to make you forever His happy prisoner. Only sin can tear you away from this happy abode. Fly then forever from its shadow.
Divine Heart of Jesus, adorable abode, I knock at your door…open it to my heart!

The Vigilant Soul Awaiting the Visit of the Sacred Heart
“I will visit Jerusalem with the lamp in my hand.” This means that, often, during this month, and when you least think of it, Jesus will deign to visit your dear soul. In order to be always ready to receive this divine Visitor, be exact in performing all the duties of your state; be watchful over yourself; be attentive to the least inspirations of grace. Ask yourself from time to time how you stand towards God; what are the motives that make you act, speak, suffer; repress those of which your conscience disapproves; give to grace all that it asks. The good Master, finding
you thus vigilant and faithful, will mercifully bless you and say of you what is said of Him in the Gospel, “He has done all things well.”
My heart is watchful; it beats with happiness in awaiting, Lord, your amiable visit.

The Weak Soul Supported by the Sacred Heart
“He will not break the bruised reed.” This reed is your heart. . so weak, so inconstant, that the least breeze will bend or almost break it. During this month, the Heart of Jesus wants to be very particularly your strength. Confide in Him and, distrusting in yourself, hope for all from his divine help. When your imagination, your heart are agitated by some trouble; when the devil, the world, and your own passions want to overthrow you, have recourse to Jesus. Repose upon His Heart!... And say to Him with all possible confidence:
You see how weak I am..Oh! give me, Lord, for support, for a rampart, your adorable Heart!

The Soul Walking With the Sacred Heart
“He joined Himself to them on the way.” From earth to heaven, the pilgrimage is rough, difficult, often perilous. Do not walk alone when a friend offers to join you, to tread the same path with you. This divine friend is Jesus! He is all powerful! He is all good! Therefore, He can and will deign to protect you in every danger. Pray to Him every morning to be your Companion of your pilgrimage and not leave you alone for one instant. Place your hand in His without fear…in uncertain steps, in difficult dangers, you will always find Him at your right hand. Contemplate Him with the eyes of your heart, asking Him for strength and counsel. He will never fail you.
Oh! Jesus! Sweet Friend of my pilgrim soul, allow that I shall always walk with you.

The Soul Confiding in the Sacred Heart
“Lord, to whom shall we go?” If we confide our sorrows to the world, it will not listen. If to a friend, he will weary of listening to them. If we repeat them within our own heart, it will only serve to thrust the sword back into the wound. To whom, then, shall you go? To Jesus!...Come, He waits for you. The ear of His Heart will be always open—ever mercifully disposed to listen to you. Tell him your perplexities, your disappointments, your sufferings. He has a balm for every pain. But before you seek Him, do not seek creatures or you will be wounded. Confide in His Heart before you go to all others. Only He has the secret of true consolations—the words of eternal life.
Oh! Divine Confidant, it is only to your Heart that I wish to confide my sorrows, my pain!

The Recollected Soul Listening to the Sacred Heart
“I will listen to what He will say in my heart.” During this month, practice a great recollection because Jesus wishes in a special manner to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you. Make, as it were, a retreat in the very center of yourself and remain there. Jesus loves silence, isolation to instruct, to clarify, to reach you. Therefore, above
all during the Hour of Guard, lay aside the thousand worries that consume you, and, in the silence of your soul, listen to Jesus, He has many things to tell your heart.
To listen better, I will keep silence, Lord; and so that you will better find me, I will reside in my heart!

The Soul Established in Peace by the Sacred Heart
“Peace be with you.” The enemy is the source of trouble. There is no peace for him, and he does not want souls to have peace. All your Agitation, torments and desolation come from him. Jesus always acts peacefully. His words, even His reproaches, leave peace. The action of that divine Heart on your heart will always be a peaceful action. Distrust all that does not bear this character. Remain in peace near your Lord; let fall your doubts, your scruples, your anxious cares. His Heart is powerful enough to watch over all things. You will do well to place everything in His charge.
To better hear you, I will be quiet, Lord; And to be found by you, I will live in my heart!

The Soul Enriched by the Sacred Heart
“I am poor and in labors from my youth.” Not only was Jesus poor all His life, without earthly goods, but He was also poor in goods of the heart! Poor in friends, poor in joys, in supports, in consolations!...Oh! how well He will know how to share this poverty if it is also yours! He knows well how the heart hungers, thirsts for a little love! Come, therefore, and ask Jesus for the perfect satisfaction that only He can provide. The world, creatures can only throw you a few unsatisfying crumbs and often mixed with poison! But Jesus! But His love! But His heart! This is indeed the true and living Bread that has come down from Heaven! It is the food that is necessary for our souls; the only nourishment which can fully satisfy our hearts!
Give me your love, Oh! Master that I adore; only He can satisfy the hunger that consumes me!

The Soul Resigned with the Sacred Heart
“Father, not my will, but Yours be done.” These words proceeding from the adorable Heart of Jesus will be your nourishment during this month. In His full plans of love for your dear heart, Jesus may present you with His chalice. He may ask you to touch it with your lips, but He will not ask you to drink it all. He reserves the bitterest portions for Himself. Do not refuse this cup of sorrows any longer…Whatever may be the affliction, the suffering, and the trials with which it is filled, look to Jesus… and uniting yourself to the adorable dispositions of His Heart say, in each moment of anguish, “Father, not my will, but Yours be done.”
I accept the chalice, Oh! My Divine Savior, and ask that by drinking it I will console your Heart.

The Soul Quenching the Thirst of the Sacred Heart
“Sitio—I thirst.” This cry comes from the Heart of Jesus. And for what does this Heart thirst which is the source and plenitude of all that is good, if not for love?...Without doubt, during this month, Jesus, as He asked the Samaritan woman, will often ask you to give Him to drink! With even more eagerness than this woman, do you offer Him from the fountain of your heart, saying to the Master, “drink, my Lord! You have a thirst for love. I will make many acts of love during the Hour of Guard. You desire proofs of love; I will accomplish all my actions with the goal of pleasing You; of satisfying the thirst for love that consumes Your divine Heart!” Oh! How Jesus will love you, will thank you for loving aid!
If Your heart thirsts, Oh! Drink my Lord; I wish to present to you with all the love of my heart.

The Soul Consoled by the Sacred Heart
“Come all unto me!” This call, it is the Heart of Jesus that makes this invitation. But to whom? To all…and particularly to you, dear soul, who are tired, burdened and afflicted! He desires to refresh you and console you!...If, during this month, the chalice of sorrow is offered to you, do not lose courage; Go to Jesus…Eh! Who knows better to dress your wounds; to soothe your grief!...Those who suffer like to be with those who have suffered: the Heart of Jesus, broken by the ingratitude of men, will understand you very well.
It is to console you that I accept, Lord, the cross of each day that burdens my heart.

The Soul Obedient Towards the Sacred Heart
“He was obedient unto death.” Jesus obeyed not only God His Father, Mary, Joseph, but even His executioners! And who can ever tell with what humility, with what love His divine Heart submitted Itself thus! It was because He knew or extreme repugnance to bend our will to the will of others, and He wanted to encourage us, to serve as our Model. That you may console this good Father for the rebellion of a great number of his children, willingly obey those whom Providence has placed above you, even if they be your enemies or even your executioners!
Submissive Heart of Jesus, to obey you, correct in my heart the spirit of independence.

The Soul Fortified by the Sacred Heart
“What! Could you not watch one hour with me?” Life is an hour of struggle, of anguish and suffering. We must watch and pray, sweat blood and water, if one wishes to reach the end happily. But how shall we bear this agony?...Let us place ourselves in the Garden of Olives, and watch Him struggle, pray, suffer for your love, and unite ourselves with the precious dispositions of His Heart. With this divine contact, you will find the strength, the energy, the courage, that you will not find elsewhere. But we must watch and pray with the Divine Master, in the hours of distress, and not sleep indolently far from Him.
I wish to watch, pray with you dear Savior, and you will strongly sustain me in my sorrows.

The Soul Silently Suffering With the Sacred Heart
“And Jesus remained silent!” At the Praetorium, at the Pillar, on the Cross, overwhelmed with false accusations, with insulting mockeries, with sacrilegious outrages, Jesus spoke not a word. To honor this divine patience, this adorable silence of O.L., do not complain if you are blamed, or if you are persecuted, or even if you are the subject of calumnies. What a rich crown you will be preparing for yourself in Heaven; and how greatly your silence will glorify the divine Heart; it will console Him for the insults and the blasphemies that many ungrateful children pour forth against Him. If Innocent Jesus is silent, bow can we sinners complain?
With You, Divine Heart, ensure that without a murmur I will endure in silence a reproach, an injury.

The Soul Sweet Consolation of the Sacred Heart
“Have pity on me, at least, who are my friends!...In the extreme distress due to the loss of souls, the crimes of sinners, the ingratitude of His children, Jesus turns to you for some consolation. Have pity on Him! It is a Father profoundly saddened; a Heart painfully broken that asks form you a word tenderness ; a token of love to lessen His suffering! During this month, above all during the Hour of Guard, constitute yourself the sweet consolation of the desolate Heart of Jesus!..Love, you will say, is how one consoles love!
How to console You? That is not the point, Sweet Jesus. In crying with you, do we not take the place of those who do not cry more?

The Soul, An Apostle with the Sacred Heart
“The zeal of your house has consumed me”…The Heart of Jesus, passionate for the glory of His Father, and for the well-being of mankind, was truly consumed with zeal. If you love this good Master, you will soon be transformed into an apostle, for zeal is the most beautiful, the highest expression of love! Work then, during this month, to extend, through all means possible, the kingdom of Jesus; to win hearts to Him; to propagate devotion towards His adorable Heart; and above all, give Him your own without reserve. Moreover, even if you cannot act, pray; and this is not the least fruitful apostleship. During each of your Hours of Guard, try to convert one sinner and implore for him divine mercy.
Of my heart Oh, Jesus, make the heart of an apostle. Consume it with the fire that consumes Yours.”

The Soul Healed by the Sacred Heart
“And he healed them all”. Whatever the sort of malady that afflicts your dear soul, do not despair. Come to Jesus the heavenly physician!” Show him your secret and interior wounds, your spiritual anxieties, your desolation of heart, and similarly the infirmities of your body. Tell Him with much simplicity and confidence: “Lord, he whom You love is ill!” Then abandon yourself to the care of O.L. as a child gives itself over to its mother’s tender care. The very sweet heart of Jesus will not resist this filial trust”. “I will go”, He will say, “and heal him.”
From your divine Heart, charitable physician, sooth my injuries with healing balm.

The Soul Tried by the Sacred Heart
“Why are you afraid? Oh, you of little faith.” If Jesus tries you, upsets your hopes, if He, in a manner of speaking, tempts you, never distrust His Providence, His love…of his Heart!...He knows the moment in which He should command the winds of trial, the storms of temptation and to restore calm…Do not believe that all is lost because the danger is present. Jesus sleeps but He is in the same bark with you. ..Have faith and, after you have said: “Lord, save me; I perish!” never doubt that you will receive divine help. It would be to doubt the love and the almighty power of the Heart of Jesus!
I believe, I hope in You against all hope. Master, you will never betray my trust!

The Soul, the Sister and Friend of the Sacred Heart
“My sister, my friend, you have ravished my heart.” Dear soul, to whom the good Master gives such sweet titles, rejoice, of gratitude and love to hear these words. A Brother! A Friend! What is better? …And when this Brother, this Friend is Jesus!...What could be more desirable! What more would you know to aspire, possessing the affection of such a Brother? What could you fear, supported by the arms of such a Friend? Oh! Nothing…unless it is of not loving Him enough, not to confide sufficiently in his Heart! Therefore, no more discouragement, but much more of love and confidence. You cannot exceed in this towards so good a Brother, so tender a friend!
Because you wish it, I dare, Divine Savior. I call You the Brother and Friend of my Heart!

The Soul Compassionate towards the Sacred Heart
“They have pierced my hands and my feet!”...Jesus presents Himself to you, during this month, battered and torn by the crimes of sinners…asking from your love a balm for each of these wounds. Will you refuse Him? To heal His pierced hands, consecrate to Him even the smallest actions of your hands. To relieve His torn feet, offer Him each of your steps. To alleviate the wounds throughout His body, apply yourself to mortify your senses. But for the wound of His tender Heart, Jesus wants but one remedy…and He asks it of you with earnest entreaties: it is the love of your heart! Love, then, love greatly since it is the only means of alleviating His suffering.
Good Master, to heal your wounds of love, do you want then my heart? Take it without return.

The Soul Abandoned to the Sacred Heart
“My Father, unto Your Hands I Commend my Spirit.” It is in the moment of extreme anguish, after having been forsaken, spurned by His Father, that Jesus issues forth this act of supreme self-abandonment. All learning is hidden within this action by the Master. If heaven is of bronze—if perplexity and desolation overwhelm you—if you believe yourself rejected before the Face of God—far from giving in to defiance and discouragement, throw
yourself into the Heart of Jesus and say like Him: “I place my soul in your Hands, I abandon myself to your love, and I firmly believe that you will save me.”
To your divine Heart, Lord, I abandon myself! Never will this very sweet Heart reject anyone.

The Soul Isolated With the Sacred Heart
“I will lead her into solitude …and there I will speak to her heart.” Jesus has perhaps made around you a great void; has torn away many illusions from your heart; let fall many supports; caused many joys to vanish; and you feel alone, sadly alone! Oh! Rejoice! The Master has acted like this except that He may have you surely; that He may speak most tenderly to your heart..Away from this solitude, rich with ephemeral goods, you may not have understood Jesus! Perhaps, even, you might not have desired the ineffable treasure of His heart! But, at last, you are alone…free to receive and listen to this dear Friend!...Incline towards Him the ear of your soul. And you will hear Him saying to you, “My child, I love you, will you not give me your heart?..Do not reject Him!...
To false goods from here below I say without pain goodbye to better possess the Sacred Heart of my God!

He has loved me…and has delivered over Himself for me!...It is a God that has loved you …loved you for all eternity…loved you to the point of dying of love for you!...Weigh well these words, O.L., in placing before your eyes today, desires that they should pass into the deepest depth of your soul, and that they will excite the most lively gratitude. You, know it well, love is not repaid except with love; do not, therefore, be ungrateful! Instead, offer to Jesus each morning, as so many acts of love and gratitude, all the beatings of your heart. Then , if creatures scorn you and despise you, console yourself with this thought: God has loved me…loved through all eternity!...His Heart ceases not to beat for me! And, will I not be content with such a love?
You who have loved me…and out of an immense love, Oh! Jesus, receive my entire heart in return!

The Soul Fashioned by the Sacred Heart
“Let Us make man in Our Image.” It is the humble and docile heart that Jesus loves to mould, and upon whom he devotes His most beautiful efforts…Be, therefore, like clay in the hands of the potter; allow yourself to be turned and returned by this divine Artisan in every way. He will shatter you in a thousand ways by contradictions, suffering and trials to make of you a vessel of election, fit to contain and spread the sweet odor of Jesus Christ. Do not , then, put yourself in opposition to any events that happen contrary to your will. Stay supple like bees wax, then you will be fit to receive the divine impress that will make of you another Jesus Christ.
Mould me, Lord, according to your will; my remaining desire is to have no other desire.

“I am the Lily of the Valley!”…Flowers are one of the joys of our exile; and the Heart of Jesus wants to be one of the sweetest joys of our souls. During this month, He offers Himself as a beautiful lily. Contemplate his beauty; invigorate yourself with his perfumes; place Him in your heart for joy or to calm your sorrows; for the lily serves to sooth wounds. But this flower, symbol of purity, detaches continuously from the earth from which it raises itself
as far as possible. The divine Lily will ask then that your hear be pure, chaste, detached from things below. Aspire to this sublime elevation: become a lily in your turn; and Jesus will place you in His heart.
Beautiful lily of the valley, Oh! Most amiable Heart, I wish to delight in your sweet scent.

The Soul Transformed by the Sacred Heart
“This is my body!”… Under a lowly appearance, we recognize Jesus Christ. Oh! Far more than in the Host, O.L. desires to be found living in your thoughts, your words, in your smallest actions. What transformation then must be accomplished? From moment to moment, ask yourself how the Eucharistic Jesus thinks, speaks, acts, suffers!...And follow His example, humble, silent, patient, self-sacrificing. You must become a living ciborium—even more, another Jesus Christ!...Respect infinitely the dignity to which his divine Heart would elevate you during this month; and do nothing unworthy of a soul that no longer lives, but in which Jesus Christ lives!
That my soul, Oh! Jesus, be but an outer appearance that conceals from view your august presence! 


Set up by H.H. Leo XIII in the Church of the Sisters of the Visitation of Bourg (Ain). Approved by Msgr. Bishop of Belley.

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