Infirmary of the Holy Face

Infirmary where Thérèse entered into life. The painting in back with Jesus being comforted by an angel was there during Thérèse’s time. It’s a canvas in color glued onto the wall. The bed curtains and the top of the curtains (called “heaven”) were dark brown. The window opens onto the garden. 


Detail from the painting of the agony - the original was in color. It often comforted Thérèse.



Photo of a sick Carmelite taken in the same room, shortly after the death of Thérèse. Thérèse’s bed was often placed like this, facing the window. Behind the open window we see the door to the cell of the infirmarian.


What was seen when leaving the infirmary under the cloister.


Another view of the painting of the Holy Face.



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