From Mme Guérin to Mme La Néele - April 28, 1897.

From Mme Guérin to Mme La Néele - April 28, 1897.

Dear little Jeanne,

       I’ve just received your little letter and as Marie has given me a missive to send you, I also want to enclose a few lines with it. You are continuing to improve, which we are very pleased about. Paul (Paul Guesdon, a protégé of the Guérins, and who was at the minor seminary of Lisieux) tells me however that you are still coughing a bit and that your voice is still a bit husky. I urge you to avoid going in the roofless carriage until you are completely recovered. Our two cousins (first cousins of Mr. Guérin and Mrs. Martin, sisters Alphonsine and Marie-Marguerite Macé would be in Lisieux from 29th April to 1st May 1897), the nun and her sister Alphonsine, wrote yesterday saying they would arrive tomorrow [lv°] Thursday by the four o’clock train, and could they could come to us. So that means their trip has been moved forward a week and that they are coming to us tomorrow. I do believe they will leave on Saturday morning. At the moment I’m having my house cleaned from top to bottom. It’s not out of vanity because what with me having being sick for two months or so, it was in great need of it, so I’ve two ladies who come in the day; Berthe and Célestine. Fortunately this won’t last long. I saw Marie today, she is well. Thérèse is still very poorly. She had her vesicatory yesterday. Dr. de Cornière is seeing her. She coughs up blood in the mornings. We fear it is becoming very serious; her sisters can’t praise her enough. She’s a true little Angel. Marie informed me, though after you, of Joseph Dupont’s wedding to Marie Domin (the niece of the Benedictines’ chaplain, and Thérèse’s companion at her first and second Communion (1884 and 1885)). You were right but we were all surprised. Your papa is well, and I myself am much stronger than two or three days ago. I saw Marguerite Tostain who was in Lisieux very briefly on her way back from the wedding. She has a cold, too. I think that Léonie will be able to go [2v°] to Caen with you on Monday unless something unexpected crops up.

         See you soon, my darling, but only come on Sunday if you have fully recovered. We all send lots of love to you and your husband and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Would you bring us a tally of how much we owe you and how much Francis paid Mr. Le Chesne for us, so that your papa can settle his accounts, and also 1 k° of chocolate for Mama that I already asked you for.

Your mother

C. Guérin

Best wishes to Mrs. Mouton.

[2v°tv] Paul arrived in good health and had a little supper before returning to the seminary.

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