From Mme Guérin to Marie of the Sacred Heart, Agnes of Jesus, and Thérèse. - June 26 , 1888.

From Mme. Guérin to Marie of the Sacred Heart, Agnes of Jesus, and Thérèse.


June 26, 1888       

On June 23, M. Martin left Les Buissonnets without any warning to his family. From Le Havre, he wrote Céline asking her to send him some money. Upon receiving this letter, June 25, Céline and M. Isidore Guérin and Ernest Maudelonde went in search of him. Their search was fruitless at the time Mme. Guérin traced these lines to the Carmel.

My Darlings,

June '88

I am sending you a letter from your father which we have just received. You can see he is still at Le Havre since the letter was delivered yesterday evening. I sent a message immediately to my

husband. He is going to watch the entrance to the post office. I would be surprised if he did not succeed in finding him. Calm, then, your great sorrow, I beg you. 1 am sorry you saw this morn­ing's telegram since it has caused you so much trouble. I thought it over for a moment, but then I told myself that you were going to pray even more if you could and then I sent it to you. But, I beg you, don't push matters to the extreme; look at the handwriting of this recent letter. It is good, it seems to me. Now how he needed money I don't know at all. But I cannot believe that God will allow things to get worse. Look at this morning's fire and how your sister was protected. The fire could have taken place at night, and I don't know what would have happened. It is always possible that your house could have been seriously damaged, and Léonie perhaps not have awakened; then what would have hap­pened? I tremble to think of it. But God watches over us all. He did not permit the fire to touch your house. I assure you that I who was a witness to all this cannot refrain from believing that God will never allow a very great misfortune to take place. I believe He is holding you in His hands. He will perhaps allow things to go very far to test your confidence, but He will stop all in time. I will tell you soon about a little detail which will help you see that God will not permit anyone to touch a hair of your head.

See you soon, my darlings. We kiss you all from the depths of our heart. Remember me to your good Mother Marie de Gonzague.

Céline Guérin

Please return your father's letter sealed to the bearer. It could be useful to me sometime.


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