A little cemetery inside the cloister, alongside the exterior wall, containing the old graves of several sisters. It was built in 1842, for the death of Mother Elisabeth of Saint Louis, after the epic battle with the city. In spite of the refusal by the mayor, permission was finally granted by Prefect of the Department. The sisters who died after were then buried in the city cemetery but exhumed and then brought back into cloister when the mayor showed himself to be favorable to it, following electoral changes! This solution continued until 1887 when the community understood that the city and its citizens no longer tolerated this practice forbidden since 1804. We then bought land in the city cemetery, putting up a little wall around it and Sr. St. Dosithée was the first to use it. Ten years later, the little plot was full and M. Guérin, foreseeing the imminent death of his niece Thérèse, bought a second plot of land for the community where on October 4th, 1897, Thérèse was the first buried.

In this old photo we can see the grotto of Saint Mary Magdalene above the crosses.



A close up of the preceding photo. We see a Carmelite kneeling and on the right, the wall of the wash house.



 Location of the elder sisters’ graves: 

Louise of the Heart of Jesus  1800-1871

Isabelle of the Angels
Marie of the Cross 1812-1882
and Thérèse of St. Joseph 1808-1873
Philomène of Mercy
Mother Elisabeth of St. Louis 
Aimée of Mary
St. Charles of the Immaculate Conception 
St. Peter of the Heart of Mary 1827-1844
Adelaide of Providence 1813-1881
Radegonde of the Heart of Jesus
Mary of Jésus

A recent view of the graves in the midst of roses :



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