Circular of Sr Madeleine of the Blessed Sacrament


Madeleine of the Blessed Sacrament   1817-1892


Peace and greetings in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A third sacrifice has been asked of us! The always adorable will of the Good Master never ceases to overwhelm us.

Our good Mother sub-prioress in the coffin, this divine will took from our maternal affection our beloved Sister Marie-Victoire-MADELEINE of the Blessed Sacrament, doyenne of our white veil sisters, 74 years, 8 months and 10 days, in religion 49 years.

Soul of faith and devotion, We will stop, my Reverend Mother. We are so broken that it would be impossible for us to write of the untiring devotion of this heart, a big as it was generous in the service of God and her mothers and sisters.

Our beloved daughter asks to no circular other than to request the prayers of our Holy Order. Here is a paper found with her vows that will tell you a little of her humility and her charity.

“I beg our Reverend Mother who will be in charge when I die, to not have any circular for me other than to ask for the prayers of our Holy Order, as there is nothing good to be said about me. I desire all the prayers be applied to the souls in purgatory in general according to the wish of the Very Holy Virgin to whom I have given all, abandoning myself entirely to the mercy of the good God and counting on the charity of my mothers and sisters.

If it happens at the time of my death I cannot speak, I beg my beloved mothers and sisters to please pardon all the kinds of suffering I gave them through my bad temper, my pride, by my lack of kindness, of charity, of regularity and of silence. I beg you to pray for me and I promise you that if the good God is merciful with me as I hope, to pray for you, to compensate you from heaven for all the sufferings I caused you.”

Our venerable Mother Geneviève seemed to have wanted to call the three eldest of her daughters! If there is rejoicing in Heaven, there is sadness in Carmel!...

What heartbreak for us to see to see this morning coming out of our dear cloister, these two coffins that ourselves were not able to be around, being detained in the infirmary.

If you please, my worthy Reverend Mother, accept the intentions of our dear daughter and have said the prayers of the order according to her wishes. Through grace a communion of your devout community, a day of good works, the indulgences of six Paters and of the Way of the Cross, some invocations to Mary Immaculate, to Saint Magdalene, to the object of her tender devotion, Saint Philomena. She will be very grateful to you as are we who from death’s garden have the honor of calling ourselves your Respectful Sister and servant,

Sister Marie de Gonzague

From our monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Conception, the Carmelites of Lisieux, January 2nd, 1892.



Excerpt from the Foundations III on Sister Marie-Victoire, Madeleine of the Blessed Sacrament

My sister Madeleine was from a very honorable family, highly regarded in Beuvilliers, near Lisieux. During the Revolution her mother saved the life of a priest. It’s a grace when a family can say that never was their faith shaken, especially during a time of persecution and my Sister Madeleine could say it aloud about her family. This dear sister lived happily among her family, during field word, when a reversal of fortune caused her to leave her father’s house. Her brothers, established in Paris, asked her to join them, giving her hope of finding a suitable place to work. There she went through the greatest dangers but God preserved her in a very special and admirable way.

Having returned to her parents, she spoke with Father Sauvage, our worthy founder who saw in his penitent all the signs of a good vocation. He was happy to give this young woman to his budding Carmel.

Entering our Monastery, my Sister Madeleine with her personality a little too lively, made amends for this little fault with a heart of gold and a deep humility. She was so charitable, so good to the sick, not sparing herself when she had to spend nights at their side. Her excellent judgment even caused Mother Prioresses to ask her advice on certain things, and often made her the custodian of their sorrows. It is possible to understand through this little glimpse our hearts’ sadness seeing her leave without being able to support her with our prayers because all the sisters were bedridden. Our good Mother could hardly believe this new bereavement, our good sister Madeleine was to dear to her…and to not be able to be with her at the last moment, what heartbreak, what sacrifice!


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