The Wishes of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Tickets drawn during the feast of the Sacred Heart celebrated the 3rd Friday after Pentecost.

These tickets reproduce the words of Our Lord to Saint Marguerite-Marie, except those that have been extracted from the Gospel in order to complete the set.
Series not numbered.

Come and take rest in my Heart to suffer more courageously the sorrows of life. Enter this delicious garden bed and cut from it the flowers that please you.

Remember that your Spouse is a crucified Spouse; that is why it is important to become like Him and take with love all the crosses placed within your reach.

I wish to make of you a mixture of my love and my mercies; I have chosen your love to be my Heaven of rest on earth and your heart to be a throne of delicacies for my divine love.

Remember that you can do nothing without me, and I will not ever abandon you, provided that you always keep your littleness and weakness in the abyss of my Strength.

Come to me, if you are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you comfort. Learn from me for I am gentle and humble of Heart and you will find rest for your soul.

I come to you to substitute my soul in place of yours. my Heart, my Spirit in place of yours, so that you will not live except in me and for me.

Your heart is a sacred altar, a sanctuary where the fire of my love should burn continually. I have chosen you to offer to my Father the sacrifices of praise and actions of grace.

Have confidence in me. A beloved child like you whom I love, can he fear anything while in the arms of the All Mighty?

I wish your heart to serve as an asylum where I can retire and rest while elsewhere sinners persecute and reject me.

I wish that you will bear the mark in your heart of the holy life to which I wish to lead you in the Eucharist, a life totally hidden and vanquished before the eyes of men, a life of love and sacrifice.

May your heart be not troubled or alarmed, search in this manner the Kingdom of God and its justice and all the rest will be increasingly given to you.

When you practice charity, let the left hand ignore what the right hand does and your Father, who observes this secret, will give you much in return.

Do not worry little ewe, because it has pleased the Father to give you the Kingdom. Make your treasure in Heaven; for where your treasure is, there also is your heart.

I give you my new commandment: that you love your sisters as I love them. This is the sign by which you will be recognized as my spouse: that you have love for all others.

I take great delight to see your soul desire to receive me in Holy Communion so, each time that you form this desire, I regard you lovingly to attract your soul and to unite it to mine.

Here is the wound from my side to be your actual and perpetual abode; the opening is narrow and it is necessary for one to be little and free of all things in order to be able to enter.

Confide in me: I am your Protector! I will establish my reign of peace in your soul and no one will be able to trouble you; and my reign of love will give your heart a joy that no one will be able to remove.

I make you the heir of my heart and of all its treasures for all time and eternity, I permit you to dispose of them as you wish.

Abandon all to my will and allow me to accomplish my designs for your soul without hindrance.

The more that you retreat into your smallness the more my grandeur condescends to find you.

Your desire to possess me in Communion has penetrated the core of my heart that, if I had not instituted this Sacrament of love, I would make it now for it to become your nourishment, [and] for the pleasure of lodging in your soul and to take my rest of love in your heart.

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