From Léonie Martin to her mother - February-March 1874.

From Léonie Martin to her mother - February-March 1874.

Dear mother

I was very naughty yesterday. I never learn my lessons. Aunt is not pleased with me. Today was outing day we have the whole [1 v°] day off and Aunt is going to take us to the garden today we are going to have lots of fun. The Bishop gave us an extra day off for the Easter holidays I am very glad about this I will try and win the rosette.

Last time…

Are little Céline and Thérèse well? I’m looking forward to the Easter holidays very much I will try not [2r°] to cause Aunt grief because I love her very much and I will please her lots to please you.

Goodbye dear parents and all the family.

I am going to be very good.

Léonie Martin

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