LT 136 - To Marie Guérin

LT 136

October 16, 1892


From Thérèse to Marie Guérin.



Carmel, October 16, '92

Dear little Marie,

Since you were entrusted with offering me wishes for a happy feast from the whole family, I think I must entrust you with the mission of thanking dear Aunt, first, for her little letter and the large package of chocolate which really delighted our little provisor, and, secondly, for the delicious coffee cream, and then above all for the dear and amiable little letter from her nurse, who will soon restore dear little Aunt's health, I have no doubt. I beg also the little Doctor of rue de l'Oratoire to offer my thanks to the Big Doctor and his dear lit­tle Jeanne, who, in spite of her convalescence, thought of my feast, which really touched me....

The slight relapse, which fortunately has had no ill effects on Jeanne's health, gave me a thought I shall confide to my dear little Doctor. It seems to me the good Saint Anne felt she was being forgot­ten somewhat," so she hurried to make us think of her! I assure you, henceforth I am always mindful of her. When I am in spirit near my dear little sister at Caen, immediately the good Saint Anne returns to my memory, and I entrust the one whom I love to her.

I see with pleasure, dear little Marie, the air of the city of Caen is causing you no melancholy, and your cheerfulness, I have no doubt (even more than your knowledge as Doctor), will soon quickly restore our two dear patients.

The patties made by a pastrycook as distinguished as yourself seem to me a very delicate dish for Carmelites, but could you not prove your talent by making some pies so light that Jeanne may devour them not only with her eyes but eat them without experiencing any bad effects?...

I close, dear little Doctor, begging you to excuse my ugly hand­writing. Hug very tightly for me the whole family and thank them for all the treats sent to me in such abundance that I fear I forgot to mention some of them.

Tell dear Aunt I am begging her to place a big kiss from me on your little cheeks and believe in the tenderness of your little sister,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel. carm. ind.

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