LT 139 - To M et Mme Guérin


LT 139

December 30, 1892

From Thérèse to M. and Mme. Guérin.



Carmel, December 30, 1892

Dear Uncle and dear Aunt,

It is very sweet for your little Benjamin to come to offer you her wishes for the New Year about to begin.

I am not going to attempt to tell you here all the wishes I am mak­ing for my dear relatives; it would take too long, and then the heart has aspirations that words are powerless to express. There are desires God alone can understand or rather divine. It is, then, to Him I want to entrust the wishes my heart is making for those who are so dear to me.

Frequently, when I am at the feet of Our Lord, I feel my soul overflowing with gratitude when I think over the grace He granted me in giving me relatives like the ones I have the happiness to possess.

I am not forgetting that January 2 is dear Uncle's birthday. I am proud to have been born on the same day as he, and I hope he will not forget to pray for his little Thérèse, who will soon be an old girl of twenty. How time flies!... It seems only yesterday that good Uncle used to bounce me on his knees, singing the romance of Blue- Beard, with terrible eyes that almost made me die of fright. ... The little tune of Mirlitir was more to my taste.... The remembrance of this song is enough to make me laugh still.

You see, dear Uncle and Aunt, the weight of years has still not taken away your little daughter's memory; on the contrary, she is at an age when memories of childhood have a particular charm....

I beg you, dear relatives, to offer all my wishes to those whom I love; I am naming no one, for the remainder of my paper would not be sufficient, but all the names are inscribed in my heart and hold a large place there.

Your OLD Niece, who loves you with all her heart,

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus, rel. carm. ind.

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