LT 140 - To Mother Agnes of Jesus



LT 140               From Thérèse to Mother Agnes of Jesus.

February 20, 1893


Jesus                                                            February 20, 1893

Dear Mother,

How sweet it is for me to be able to give you this name!... For a long time already you were my Mother, but it was in the secret of my heart I was giving this sweet name to her who was at once my guardian AngeP and my Sister. Today God has consecrated are truly my Mother and you will be this during all eter­nity. Oh! how beautiful this day is for your child!... The veil

Jesus has cast over this day makes it more luminous in my eyes, it is the seal of the Adorable Face, the perfume of the mysterious bouquet that is poured out on you. No doubt, this will always be the same. "He whose face was hidden,'" He who is still hidden in His little white Host and who communicates Himself to souls only as veiled, will be able to spread upon the entire life of the beloved apostle of His divine Face a mysterious veil which He alone can penetrate!...

Yes, Mother Geneviève's spirit lives entirely in you, and her pro­phetic word has been realized. At thirty you have begun your public life. Is it not you who gave to all the Carmels and to so many pious souls the consolation of the touching and poetic account of our Saint's life?... But already Jesus had cast on my dear Mother His veiled look, and He did not allow her to be recognized, for her face was hidden!...

If this day is already so beautiful on earth, what is it in heaven? I seem to see our saintly Mother looking with joy on her Pauline (the one whom she loved, the one who attracted her); she sees her becoming in her turn a Mother, Mother of many virgins, among whom are her own sisters. What a mystery...

Now you are about to penetrate into the sanctuary of souls; you are going to pour out upon them the treasures of grace with which Jesus has filled you. No doubt, you will suffer. The vessels will be too little to contain the precious perfume you will want to place in them. However, Jesus Himself has only very small musical in­struments on which to play His melody of love, and yet He can use all those we present to Him. You will be like Jesus!... Little Sister, dear Mother, my own heart, the heart of your child is a very little lyre. When you are tired of making the harps resound, you will come to take up your little lyre, and hardly will you have touched it when it will produce the sounds you desire.. .at the touch alone of your consecrated fingers, it WILL UNDERSTAND and its feeble melody will mingle with the song of your heart....

Oh, Mother! how many things I would like to say.. .but, no, you know all.... One day, when the shadows will have passed, I shall rest on your heart, and I shall repeat this sweet name: “Mother”.

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