LT 171 - To Sister Thérèse-Dosithée (Léonie)



LT 171                 From Thérèse to Sister Thérèse-Dosithée (Léonie).

October 11, 1894


Jesus                                                              October 11, 1894

Dear little Sister,

How happy I am your feast day is now on the same day as mine.... I am sure Saint Teresa will grant you her graces on the 15th; I will pray very much to her for you and also to Blessed Margaret Mary. ...

If you only knew, dear little Sister, how much we are praying for you!.. .and especially how we are offering sacrifices, I believe you would be very much touched.... Since we know about your trials, our fervor is very great, and I assure you, all our thoughts and prayers are for you.

I have great confidence that my dear little Visitandine will come off victorious from all her great trials and she will one day be a model religious. God has already granted her so many graces, could He abandon her now when she seems to have reached port?... No, Jesus is sleeping while His poor spouse is fighting against the waves of temptation, but we are going to call Him so tenderly that He will awaken soon, commanding the wind and the storm, and calm will be restored. ...

Dear little Sister, you will see that joy will follow trial and that later on you will be happy for having suffered; moreover, God is sustaining you visibly in the persons of you KIND Mothers, who never cease to lavish their cares and their tender and maternal counsels on you.

I beg you, dear Sister, to remember me to them, and you, dear Thérèse, believe in the ever growing love of your little Sister,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel. carm. ind.

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