LT 217 - To Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph

LT 217                From Thérèse to Sister Marie of Saint-Joseph.

January 1897


Charming these little couplets... How naughty to go begging from others when one has her purse all filled! But it is not naughty to sleep, to be good and happy, it is "the little trade of the shop" and never must it be closed, even on Sundays and feast days. That is to say, the days that Jesus reserves to Himself for trying our souls. ... Sing your delightful refrains like a finch, and I, like a poor little sparrow, sigh in my corner, singing like the wandering Jew: "Death can do nothing for me, I can well see!"

I do not hear any more talk about the famous tablecloth, is there still any question of it?


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