LT 69 - To Marie Guérin

LT 69  From Thérèse to Marie Guérin.

November (?) 1888

Jesus M. J. T.

My beautiful Doll,

I cannot resist the desire to thank you for your letter; it pleased me very much. You cannot imagine how much I think about you. My little Marie is always coming into my mind. Besides, if I wanted to forget my dear little cousins, I would not be able to, for my pretty little lamp lights me up so well! . . .

Thérèse is coming to ask for another favor. Sister Agnes just told me that I need a pair of boots lined with fur, just like the ones I saw you with many times in the winter; they are a kind of little ankle-boot that are bordered with Astrakhan fur. If Aunt wanted to buy them for me, I would be very happy. Jeanne could try them on, for she has exactly the same foot as I.

I have many things to tell my Doll, but they are waiting for my little note, so I must leave you. On Thursday, 1 shall have many things to say to my dear little sister; in the meanwhile, I kiss dear Aunt, good Uncle, and dear little Jeanne.

As for my Louploup, 1 can't tell her how much I love her; my heart is too full of affection for her.

If I could have the boots this afternoon, I would be very happy. You cannot imagine how well they take care of you in Carmel; I always have to be eating and keeping my feet warm.

Until Thursday, little darling, my beautiful living doll. I am very, very happy, at the height of my desires.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus

I often think of my dear Marcelline.

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