LT 61 - To M. Martin

LT 61                    From Thérèse to M. Martin.

August 25, 1888


Carmel, August 25, '88

Jesus +

Dear little Father,

It has finally arrived, then, the day when your Queen can wish you a happy feast with all her honors, for she is in Carmel in the company of your jewels: the Diamond and the fine pearl. . . . Poor little Queen, she would have to withdraw to give place to the two splendid gems of her King, but she really cannot resign herself to this, for she has her title, too. She can show it to whomever wants to see it; it is signed by her King's own hand: Queen of France and Navarre. She has nothing else, but it seems to me that this suffices for her to be admitted next to her King. Besides, no one tries to contest her right, it is recognized even by the stranger. In Italy, at Rome, they knew that the Queen was there....

Dear King, your little Queen would like to have some magnifi­cent gifts to offer you, but she has nothing, and, besides, it would be too difficult. For her King, all the palaces of the Vatican, load­ed down with gifts, would not be beautiful enough; she is dream­ing of something else more kingly. She needs the immense trea­sures of the infinite horizons; what she would like to give her King is not found on earth. It is Jesus alone who possesses this, so she is going to pray to Him to give her King heavenly consola­tions. For a Father who is not of this earth all that is earthly can­not satisfy him.

You see, dear little Father, that, while appearing to offer you nothing, I am giving you a magnificent gift; if it doesn't delight your eyes, at least your heart will feel it, for I hope that God will answer my prayer.

However, dear little Father, while telling you that I desire to charm only your heart, I am giving you a little picture made by your Queen. I hope that in spite of my little talent it will please you. The fine pearl helped me with her artistic advice and formed the charming design for me, but she wanted me to paint it all alone. It doesn't merit much, but my powerlessness is so great and my King is so indulgent that I hope to give him a little pleasure in giving him this little picture.

See you soon, dear little Father. If your Queen is not near you today, she is really there in mind and heart. She wishes you the best of feasts you have ever had in your whole life, and she kisses you with her whole heart.

Your little Queen,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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