From Marie Guérin to Léonie - May 1, 1889.

From Marie Guérin to Léonie. 1st May 1889.

Lisieux 1st May 1889.

Dear little Léonie

You must find I’m very bad at keeping my promises, I should have written to you on Monday (Monday 29th) but I was so busy that I wasn’t able to do so. My Aunt (Mrs. Maudelonde) came to spend Monday and Tuesday in Caen and throughout that time we had Céline and Hélène with us. You can understand it was impossible for me to find a moment to write to you. What’s more we had been looking forward to receiving a letter since Thursday without any sign of life, and the time was beginning to seem long. Today there is Perpetual Adoration at St. Pierre’s, all the bells are ringing this morning, and I thought if you had been here you would have gone up to the loft.

[v°] We haven’t yet had a visit from Marguerite Pougheol, we are expecting her today. Miss Godard (drawing and painting teacher), resumed her lessons yesterday, she discussed her goddaughter with her students. She is an extraordinary child of nine months old who eats at the table all by herself. She’s a jewel, as white as a lily and as rosy as a pale Bangali rose. What poetic expressions these are! Miss Godard is obviously reuniting all art forms. I didn’t know my cousins felt answerable to the government like this. You will therefore come and celebrate 5th May with us, the centenary of the Opening of the Estates’ General Assembly. There will be a big celebration in Lisieux, with a military torchlight procession, illuminations etc. etc. The government has decreed a holiday in all boarding schools until Tuesday. While we’re on the subject, find out if there are return tickets until Tuesday. I’m seriously advising you do this. Just look how absent-minded your cousin is, I’ve noticed that instead of using the 2nd person in the singular I’ve been using the 2nd person in the plural (Marie had been using the “vous” instead of the “tu” form).

Farewell my dear little Léonie, Saturday is a long way away, and is making haste slowly. Give my love to Céline.

The Imp



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