From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 31, 1889.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline 31st May 1889


My petit Célin1,

I’m sending you the 6 pictures that I would like you to give to Mrs. D. (Mme Dedouit, a bookseller in Caen for whom sister Agnès of Jesus painted pictures on parchment, thus earning a living for the Community) when you next go to Caen. Ask her whether I can wait till the end of the week to send her the 7 others. Tell her again that it was impossible for me to copy the original exactly; I couldn’t persuade myself to paint such ugly pictures. [1 v°] The people from the post office sent your little package back to Our Mother (Package addressed to Fr. Pichon in Canada) once because of the medallions, and the night before last out of bad will I think. They told Victor (V. Bonaventure, the Sacristan of the Carmel): “They can send anything they like for France, but we can’t do abroad…” It’s unbelievable.

My darling, you are ever present in [2r°] my mind! You can’t know how much I love you! Oh, yes! you do indeed henceforth belong to Jesus and the world won’t need to prowl around you to make our Father roar like a lion.

Exile will pass! Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to be our Supreme Comforter as He has already been in the [2v°] depths of our trials. What a family we are! There are many tears in our eyes, much anxiety in our hearts, but tell me something, do we find everything Jesus does for us poorly done? The more He wounds us, the more we love him. But also, should we not turn the sentence around and say: the more we love him, the more He wounds us!

Your little sister

Agnès of Jesus

[2v°tv] Your cream and the bunch of asparagus that nobody was expecting brought great pleasure to everyone, especially the lion (Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart) who will make her compliments to you. You should have seen her before her asparagus and cream.

[1° tv] Give a big kiss to Léonie, tell her I’m writing to her on business matters. See you tomorrow at 1 o’clock. Provided Fr. Youf isn’t there (the Chaplain of the Carmel. We know that due to building work in the Turn quarters, the Sisters used the confessional as a visiting room).

But it’s still the best time.


1 Term of endearment.

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