From sr Agnès of Jesus to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - May 20-21,1889.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 20th or 21st May 1889.


Darling little Dove,

Don’t be sad, here below you are in a nest in exile, you tremble beneath the stormy sky, your feathers are often wet with a rain of tears but tomorrow you shall be free, tomorrow you shall be in your Homeland, tomorrow the Heavens shall be blue for ever more…

[v°] Can’t you already hear the voice in the distance saying: Arise, my beloved, my dove and come away, for the winter is over, the rain has gone (Sg 2:10-11), come away to the country of love.

Little Dove, there you will find the sparrow (Sister Agnès herself) and the beloved Patriarch who at this moment is merely buying his passport. It is costing him dearly! But is it too costly?


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