From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Marcelline Husé - May 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Marcelline Husé. May (?) 1889.

Dear Marcelline,

I don’t know whether Maria received the little note we sent her early in the week. Perhaps she is not there. I’m therefore going to ask you to run the errand. It would be good of you to go to Les Buissonnets and see whether God has [1v°] grown any cabbages or carrots for his Carmelites. We were brought some lettuce, which we were pleased with, and if there was anything else in the garden it would be very good of you to bring it to us because nothing is growing in ours.

Little Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus would be [2r°] very pleased to have some flowers, some peonies if they are in bloom, and some hawthorn.

I’m thinking of you my dear Marcelline, and also of your dear Mother. She is very fortunate to have left to be with God and you are fortunate to have made the best choice. (As Mrs. Husé died in mid-April (buried on 18th), Marcelline was free to follow her vocation. She left the Guérins on 12th July and joined the Benedictine Monastery in Bayeux on 18th. She would take the name Sister Marie-Joseph of the Cross and would be a Trial witness. To replace her, the Guérins would take Maria Cosseron into their service on 7th June).

It is a great grace that is enjoyed by only a privileged few.

[2v°] We shall be praying for you so that you may be healthy enough to accomplish all aspects of the Rule. Don’t forget us either in your prayers to Our Lord; you who are going to become his chosen one.

Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart.


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