From Mme Guérin to Mme La Néele - May 15, 1892

From Mme. Guérin to Mme. La Néele. (Extracts.)

May 15, 1892

Lisieux, May 15, '92

Dear little Jeanne,

Your uncle is always as well as possible. He spends all his after­noons seated in the garden. He walks with the help of two persons. He is very easy to take care of and wants all that we want. Never­theless, his condition is really sad. He recognized all the members of the family, but it was touching at the Carmel. We took him there on Thursday, and one would say the day was very special, and in fact, I believe God blessed it because it was the best day he has had. He seemed to be aware of everything that was taking place. The Carmelites were happy to see their father again, but afterward the tears they held back flowed freely. They found him very much changed, and nevertheless here we find him less changed than we might have thought. However, all of us are very grateful. It was touching to see the way they expressed their gratitude to your father.

Your very devoted mother, Celine Guérin

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