From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to Mrs Pottier – April 24, 1900

From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to Mrs Pottier– April 24, 1900

                                                   J.M.J.T.                                         24th April 1900

+ Jesus

                        My darling,

   Oh, Carmelites are so lazy, and even impolite!! You can write letter upon letter, and receive no reply!

   That’s what you must be saying, poor darling Céline, after your little Sister’s long silence. But you’ll excuse me and feel sorry for me when you know why I’m so late in replying. I’m going to tell you, but no one else. You know I was ill and that I’m only just beginning to recover. My bronchial infection wasn’t very serious, but having had the wretched illness three times in one year, I was left very weak. A high temperature prevented me from attempting any sort of work, and writing a letter would have increased it dramatically. That’s over now. I’m eating and, with the fine weather, my strength will soon return. I’m saying all this to you, but Papa and Jeanne don’t know, as I didn’t want to worry them.

   That, my darling, is why I didn’t reply to you sooner concerning the requested Mass. To have a Mass said on a set date, we are obliged to have it said by our chaplain, so on 4th May, there will be a Mass said for Marie Ridel in our chapel. However we’ll have the other one said for 1 fr. because here they cost 2 fr.

   Your letters brought me such joy! I was so happy to hear you’re taking Communion more often now. My aim is for you to take Communion daily in a while. And you’ll see, what I’ve predicted will happen. Don’t be afraid of asking for Holy Communion. When you need strength and support, ask Jesus to give you nourishment. I don’t doubt that Mamma was the one who granted you this grace. Since she went to heaven, she has been taking a great deal of interest in the little souls I look after and has granted them special graces.

  Before I joined the Carmel and was taking Communion no more than twice a week, I would play a little ruse; when there happened to be a feast day in the week, I would ask for an extra one, which meant I had 3. Yes, hunger for Jesus, go to Him with love and faith, and don’t be afraid. If we listened to the devil, he would inspire us with false humility and have us believe that our unworthiness prevents us from approaching the Bl. Sacrament. Believe me, even the holiest of souls are unworthy of it, but as I’ve told you many times, the way to become worthy is to approach it often with Love. Keep living with and for Jesus alone. I was pleased to hear that your husband attended the Lent sermons. You are God’s spoilt little child in every respect. I’m coming to realise this. Even in trying times, such as sickness or health, everything shows me that God wants to make a Saint of you. Are your little angels still sick? Then let’s praise God for it.

   I heard from my aunt that little Guiguite1 was unwell. Is she better? Poor little ones. Offered to baby Jesus, their suffering wins Him hearts. A mother can offer their troubles to God in her little children’s name. There’s no use in wasting such untainted suffering.

   The little piece of dictation writing that Guiguite did touched me deeply, as did her little message. Tell her I’m very pleased and that Aunt Marie thinks she can write very well already.

   From your little sister, who cherishes you and sends big kisses to the babies.

                                                      Sister Marie of the Eucharist


Remember me to your husband.

How are you?

Whatever you do, don’t forget to show Jesus gratitude. It’s quite easy to deprive oneself of graces for want of thanking Him. We sometimes see His graces as a pack of nonsense.

   So let’s be grateful.

1 Nickname for Céline’s daughter Marguerite.