From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 3, 1913

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 3, 1913                                          

Jesus +                                                                                      

Darling little sister,

It’s my turn to come and wish you a happy and holy birthday! And my desires have already been fulfilled, as your fiftieth birthday is a very happy and holy day indeed! This is because you are spending it with Jesus, who became your spouse a long time ago now. He’s so happy to see the flower he chose among thousands of others grow more beautiful every day under the love that shines from his divine Heart.

What a lot of graces you’ve received, darling little sister, and us too!... It’s so sweet to be able to sing the mercies of the Lord. This will be our eternal song; the everlasting song we shall forever renew.

You were surprised that the portrait of Thérèse in the picture of the Holy Family doesn’t resemble her very much. It wasn’t Sr. Geneviève who did it but a Parisian artist, and we consider ourselves very fortunate that it has turned out so well, because you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to create something new.

No, we haven’t heard from Fr. Robert. How happy he would be if Thérèse came for him! That would undoubtedly be for the greater good of his soul. I don’t pity saintly souls who go to heaven. But I greatly pity the poor sinners who enter eternal life having refused to reconcile themselves with God.

Our neighbour Fleuriot has just died without confessing and without taking the sacraments. He was always putting off the dreaded confession, saying: “I’m not there yet, I’ll improve when the fine weather returns, etc.” And he died three days ago during the night. His wife, who was watching over him, wasn’t even aware he was dying. It was only when she spoke to him and he didn’t reply that she called Mrs. St. Ignace in the next room. The latter hurried over and saw that it was all over.

Isn’t that sad? And to think that the poor gentleman had every reason to turn back to God: a very pious wife and two nun daughters among his children.

Darling little sister, we have so much to thank God for. He once again favoured us so highly by giving us such a holy father and such an admirable mother.

I’m going to leave you, darling little sister, by promising you Jesus himself as your birthday gift. I will pray to him so hard for my darling little Visitandine!!! Your eldest sister

                                                                                  Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart

                                                                                           u. c. n.

My respects to your beloved Mother Prioress. I hope she is now fully recovered.

There is little talk of exorcisms now; Fr. Plammerio testified in the trial on the subject and although Fr. Duboscq says it’s a most interesting file, the devil is no longer of concern. He always says the same thing and always refuses to leave possessed people’s bodies whether it’s in the name of the Bl. Virgin or that of the saints.