From Mme Guérin to sr Marie of the Eucharist – July 11 ? 1897.

From Mme Guérin to sr Marie of the Eucharist – July 11 ? 1897.

Dearest little daughter,

Oh, no! I’m not upset that you didn’t write to me earlier. Writing to your papa is like writing to me, and at the moment, I even think it is better to do so and I prefer it. I see your dear Father is very upset and he’s the one to whom you should write, my darling. – Poor little Queen! We are all with her in spirit and heart. She envisages death with so much joy! Your father couldn’t hold back his tears when he read the passage where she talks about her entry into Heaven. It’s so lovely! I think God must enjoy contemplating the image of his son in the heart of the spouse he has chosen. She is so pure, this little Thérèse of ours, and so saintly. As far as I’m concerned, she entered the Carmel with her baptismal innocence, and how far she must have come in so few years. Dear little Marie, I often take the time to thank God that you have been able to be so close to this little soul, and that you have shared her life, for too short a time, alas!... But God knows exactly what he’s doing. It doesn’t prevent us from praying, or from bring united to you in prayer, as we look to keep this dear Treasure among us. Sometimes our hopes are revived. Why wouldn’t God leave this dear little one on earth? (Although this might not be our patient’s greatest wish) but, after all, God does need saintly souls here below. Who would be left to calm his anger and be a victim with his divine son every day!... But, dear little one, I don’t want to seek to keep her; let’s put our trust in God. Let us ask Him to be a support and consolation for us all! You haven’t said how high our little patient’s temperature has been. It would be an indication for us if you could tell us this every day. Your papa is quite well, but still has bouts of coughing at night. We’re going to Vespers at Navarre. This morning we were all at the Mass at St. Sébastien. The church was nicely decorated. Yesterday I started gathering green moss and dried mosses for you. Jeanne has already picked a lot of herbs.

Léonie is writing you a little note which I will enclose with my letter. She is pleased with what you wrote to her, my darling. Have kind words for her often, they do her a great deal of good. She is sad but is being very resigned and brave. Tell your dear Mother again, my darling, how much affection we have for her, you can’t tell her this often enough. We are so grateful to her. May she allow you to give her another kiss from us today.

Farewell, dearest little daughter. I send you all my love. Whatever you do, always tell us the whole truth. We have all resigned and surrendered ourselves to God’s will, but continue not hiding anything from us, I beg of you. We send love to our dear little patient in particular; tell her how much we love her, we are with her in her suffering. Give my love to my other three little daughters, too. We love you all with the same love.

Your Mother who cherishes you C. Guérin

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