From sr Agnès of Jesus to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - March 1888.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. March 1888.

Concerning the cell, I feel no sorrow whatsoever, on the contrary (Agnès had just moved into St. Elijah’s dormitory, which was in the other wing of the monastery, leaving her cell to Marie). What bothered me at first was seeing you change your nice (sunny) cell for the ugly (northern) one. But what imperfection this is, my darling Dove: the little sparrow chooses Jesus’ heart for its nest, and that cell shall never be taken from it. I don’t know why, but I feel a certain inner pleasure at this change, especially at the moment of Thérèse’s entrance; in the eyes of the Community this will do very well, as it will in God’s eyes! Ah! [v°] Those are the only eyes we need seek.

Let’s become saints! Let’s not be too hurt by all that is happening at the moment to Our Mother. (Sister Agnès was alluding to the rebuffs that Mother Marie de Gonzague was receiving from Fr. Delatroëtte on the subject of Thérèse’s upcoming entrance into the Carmel). It is God who allows this to happen to make us fly faster to Him. The little sparrow invites the dove on the same journey. The little sparrow loves the dove very much, and is delighted to give its retreat up to her. It hasn’t the shadow of a regret. It wants to love Jesus; that is its only desire.

Emigrating towards Jesus means leaving a homeland that has grown too cold in favour of an all fiery shore. [v°tv] There is something that DELIGHTS me in this change, but I desire that it be for the dove alone. I want her to tear up this piece of paper, otherwise her soul will never hear its echo again. If our beloved Mother knew about it, she might believe I am glad to leave her. Do you remember our times with Jesus alone? In all truth, when does she come into our cells at night now? Since the retreat, I can only remember it being once.

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