From Fr. Pichon to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - May 12, 1888.

From Fr. Pichon to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 12th May 1888.

+ Mauron, 12th M.

My very fortunate Child in Christ Jesus,

So it’s today that you are entering the Cenacle (Marie’s Profession, which was fixed for 23rd May, had to be preceded by ten days of retreat. She therefore entered “the Cenacle” on the evening of the 12th. She would actually only be there for 9 days, for she would anticipatively take her vows on 22nd). I pray to the Queen of the Carmel to keep you near to her during these blessed days, and to prepare you herself as I would like to do in her place, and give you to her Jesus as I myself am doing.

Oh, yes I understand everything! I know even the most mysterious secret in your soul. Jesus is so good to you and so generous to me by being so to you! He is looking forward [1 v°] to seeing you entirely consecrated to his love. He is looking forward to it even more and better than I am: what more can I say?

Leave behind what is human, immolate everything unreservedly. I don’t want you to be spared as Isaac was. I don’t want the sword to remain suspended in the air. This blessed sword is going to slice all that binds you to what is earthly and human, and sink you into Jesus’ bosom. Living and dying there will forever be our only ambition.

Through the hands of Mary, I bless you wholeheartedly.


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