From Sister Marie of the Angels to the Carmel of Compiègne - 7th September 1896.

From Sister Marie of the Angels to the Carmel of Compiègne - 7th September 1896.

J.MJ.T. Love to O.L of the S.H.

Carmel of Lisieux 7th September 1896

Reverend Mother,

We think it is not indiscreet of us to come and ask you whether it would be possible for you to give us a little relic of our holy Mother Martyrs.

We are currently praying to them for one of our Extern Sisters (Sister Marie-Antoinette) who is in the last stages of a chest illness, the healing of which would be a 1st class miracle. The poor girl has come back from Lourdes without having been cured and she is nothing but a walking skeleton, alarming all those who see her as she already bears the marks of death. We miss her sorely, and so we are trying a second novena to our Mother Martyrs that they might answer our prayer. We are having a novena of Masses said so that her miraculous healing might favour the beatification of our holy Mothers. But our Reverend Mother, who is bedridden and for this reason deprived of writing to you herself, my most worthy Mother, would like to be able to place a relic on our little invalid in whose recovery she still wants to believe despite everything. Please help us with your good prayers, Reverend Mother, and be assured of our gratitude if you are able to answer our desire.

We recently heard Father Duteil (Father Roger de Teil, then Postulator for the cause of several martyrs of the French Revolution before assuming Thérèse’s cause in 1909) who informed us of his progress, his desires. How happy we would be if the miracle we are soliciting could recompense his zeal and dedication.

Our good Mother sends, worthy Mother, her religious and affectionate regards, our community sends most friendly greetings to yours, and deign to accept the very humble respect of your unworthy Sister and little servant in Our Lord.

Sr. Marie of the Angels of the S.H.


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