From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse - May 13-20 , 1888

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

May 13-20, 1888

The Child Jesus is happy!. . . Tonight, the loved little Thérèse of His Heart has offered Him such beautiful flowers.. . . The flowers of sacrifice. . . she well understands.... Ah! these flowers are more scented for Him than all flowers here below. How he goes knock-knock on the window to get some more, for the wick­ed don't want to give Him any. So it is from His future little spouse that He seeks them. He knows well enough that she will refuse Him nothing. Knock-knock. . . you who did not see your Mother this evening, or who has seen her very little, come, see how I smile at you. In heaven, I will flood you with joys for all the little joys here below which escaped you. In heaven, I'll have you

enjoy in My turn the perfume of My flowers. Knock-knock. Come back again to console Me for those who don't love Me. Ah! I am in such a hurry to see you again. Have you any other flowers to give Me? If you wish, I'll make them grow under your steps. But only if you so wish, I never force hearts. Oh! let Me always go knock-knock in your heart.

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