From Marie du Sacré-Cœur to Thérèse - October 14 , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

October 14, 1887

Happy feast to Thérésita of the Child Jesus! May the gentle Jesus give her all His caresses and all His tokens of affection.

Darling, I have only a Christmas picture to offer you, but I find it says something to the soul and it can do good even though it is not Christmas. Does Jesus come to you only on Christmas day? Would Thérèse's Jesus be able to stand it if He were not to stop often to kiss and bless His little Benjamin?

Our Mother is not going to be able to write her Thérèse, but how she kisses her and how tenderly she loves her!

While waiting for the angels to throw some flowers from heav­en, I am sending her two little flowers from Carmel which have a little perfume, I believe, flowers from heaven.

Kiss dear little Father. Tell him that all through the week the fish were crying for mercy. . . . Yes, at the bottom of my heart, these mute little fish are speaking to me all the time and they tell me to bless him always for all his kindness to us.

I kiss little Céline, who is spoiled by God.

Marie of the Sacred Heart

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