From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse - May 31 (?) , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

May 31 (?), 1887

My dear Thérèse,

Sister Agnes of Jesus would like to have the parchment that Céline gave you as a New-Year's gift. Hers is too beautiful for the pictures they are asking her to make. One just like yours should come here next week, and she will send it to you.

I just placed a candle before the Blessed Virgin for my darlings (a little candle as long as my finger); however, the Blessed Virgin is not demanding. When we burn only a piece of straw for her, if we possess nothing else, what does it matter, provided we love her and pray to her?

I imagine I'm at Les Buissonnets; I hear a thrush singing, and it is making an endless warbling for us from morning till night. Just this moment it thundered, and it sang on just the same. Little birds have more spirit than we have; they always praise God, no matter what the weather is, even when the sky is dark.

Darling of my heart, my very tall baby! yet always a baby in my eyes, how much reason we have for singing to our good Jesus. Oh! yes, even when our heart is sad. It has so many reasons for being happy, so many! so many! especially a little heart that I know and two others also, not to count the paternal heart that delights in the joys of all our hearts.

But my little candle is burning away, and I must go and say my rosary before the Blessed Virgin to celebrate the end of Mary's month. 1 hear the beautiful bells of Saint-Pierre, speaking to me about heaven. Ah! when God calls us that will be the feast of feasts....

See you soon, sweet darling, whom I would eat with kisses. Tell Céline I can't write her but that I am praying very much for her and that God is very well pleased with His little flower. . . .

My Léonie, whom I never forget and my little Father, whom I

love above all! Don't forget to thank Uncle and Aunt for their good Grenache wine.

Sister Agnes kisses all of you. She scolded me because I had not carried out her messages for her. It is for this afternoon that she needs the parchment.


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