From Marie du Sacré-Cœur to Thérèse - November 1886

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

November, 1886


(To Thérèse)

I don't want my darling to cry like this, but I want her to be good and reasonable. After all, we shouldn't say that today was the last time in her life that she was seeing me! And when we think that on Thursday morning this baby will return for a visit and again on Friday! Will we not have time to say many things to each other? Come, then, tell me quickly that you're no longer sad, and kiss one another, Céline and Thérèse. Nevertheless, you are my jewels. Dear little jewels, adorn yourselves for heaven with tears and little sacrifices here on earth. These are what become diamonds when you know how to profit from them.

See you soon, my love. . . . But I don't want my darling to despair when God has spoiled her so much. . .so much. Let her reflect a little on God's treats. That is something which will dry all her tears.

Your little godmother, who loves you.

Marie of the Sacred Heart

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