From Marie Martin à Mr Martin - November 16, 1877

From Marie to M. Martin. (Extracts.)

November 16, 1877

Lisieux, November 16, 1877

Dear little Father,

We are settled at Les Buissonnets. It is a charming house, cheerful and gay, with a large garden in which Céline and Thérèse will be able to play. There is only one staircase which leaves some­thing to be desired, and also the road, "road to Paradise," as you called it, for, in fact, it is narrow. It is not the "wide and spacious road." What does it matter? All this is a very little thing. ...

In the meanwhile, dear little Father, we would love to have you in our midst; your absence already appears long to us. When, then, will your business at Alençon be terminated? I'm constant­ly thinking about you. It seems to me you will be happy here, sur­rounded by your little family. Oh! yes, we will take care to be very good, to make your life very sweet in order to thank you for the great sacrifice you made for our happiness. This happiness will also be yours, for we shall do everything to make you happy.

Uncle and Aunt are very much worried about our becoming accustomed to this place. And so Aunt is inviting us tomorrow to go to her house in the afternoon; she's going to prepare apple tart for lunch. The little ones are delighted to go and play with their cousins. Léonie, especially, is delighted.

I notice she is changing from day to day for some time; haven't you noticed it, little Father? Uncle and Aunt are already aware of it. I am sure it is our dear Mother, who is obtaining this grace for us, and I am convinced that one day our Léonie will give us some consolation.

Au revoir, dear little Father; see you soon. We kiss you with all our heart.

Your oldest daughter, Marie


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